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  1. Fastolsen

    Favourite corner sequence?

    The hairpin in spain, and also the stage where you have several 5 lefts and rights after each other which you can cut. Lovely rhytm
  2. Fastolsen

    Career mode AI on elite level

    I agree with this.. There should not be necessary to know each corner of a stage to manage good times. Drove a 3 minute long stage in New England now, and I was literally flat out the whole first sector but was 6.5 seconds behind on the first split. (My level is winning masters season and 1-5place in every rally) But this is just stupid, and takes the fun out of it this is master level
  3. Fastolsen

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Hi guys Still have problems with the sound dropping out Another issue I have noticed; When rallying in careermode and you are at the servicepark: If you repair the car, then choose tire compound for the Next stages and then exit the game. When you then come back to the service menu you have to choose compound once more, but the first choice you did still counts. That means that you have to drive 4 stages with the same tires because you cant replace them because you used 2 changes, when only doing 1 tire change. Hope you understand What I mean :)
  4. Fastolsen

    DiRTy Gossip

    5.28.somethingsomething Damn! Is there any video of this? Made 5:37 now, and thought that was good:P
  5. Fastolsen

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know what the world record @sweet lamb with the Fiesta is?