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  1. Enjoy the Round 4 of the Freshamn League and don't forget to subscribe our Yt channel GAVRA Racing where you find all the championships videos
  2. Hi, i'm Gavra91 the owner of GAVRA Racing it's a community that organizes online racing leagues on PS4, i'm looking for reliable people as drivers and commentators for our F1 leagues. I put below some info about our league, for more details contact us on Discord GAVRA Racing or visit our website gavraracing.altervista.org How to start racing with us? For drivers new to Gavra Racing, the Gavra Racing Academy is the point of entry to our racing championships. We try to keep the driving standards of our community high, so we have developed a system for drivers to show that they can compete, and more importantly, have the driving competence to maintain a good level of close, clean racing. Contact us Discord - GAVRA Racing Instagram - gavraracing91 Twitter - officialgavra Also for any question you can DM GAVRANOVIC1991 on PSN. Also join our PS4 community GAVRA Racing. Broadcast schedule Don't miss our leagues broadcasted from Mon to Fri at 21:30 CET on Youtube and Twitch. Stay tuned!!! Youtube Twitch
  3. GAVRA91

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    @BarryBL ok i've a NAT type 2. What should i edit?
  4. GAVRA91

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Thx @BarryBL, just a question, with the hotspot works but with the cable no, what could it be? It's weird this issues what causes it? I played to the game before dinner and worked normally with cable, then i rejoined and got this error, i didn't change any settings. Thx in advance for your reply.
  5. GAVRA91

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Hi, i've the same issue, it's weird cause i played it this morning and worked and tonoght no, but i didn't change nothing, what i can do to solve this annoying issue?
  6. GAVRA91

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Ok i'll look. Thx for the reply
  7. GAVRA91

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Yes it's installed to the last update, like i said today it worked tonight got this error, i want to avoid to re-install the game as i'd to download it once again so it requires many time to download it xD
  8. GAVRA91

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Hi, i'm Gavra91, i write you cause i got an unexpected error tonight when i run the game i get an error 1008H on PS4 that doesn't allow me to play online, today all worked fine don't know what's happened, is there someone who'd help me please? Ah if it's helpfull i bought the game on PS Store.