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  1. After reinstalling win10 I seem to have lost all my ffb settings. In fact the only setting that makes any difference at all in the self aligning torque, do you think I've somehow reverted back to a version before the ffb fix? (I never played it when the ffb was **** so not sure if that was an issue) or has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?
  2. I have a similar issue with my csl elite steering wheel, the ffb feels like it's opposite (sort of) from what it should be, wildly oscillations at the wrong moments. Was working fine before I reinstalled Windows
  3. Since reinstalling win10 the ffb on my csl elite is all wrong. In fact the only in-game slider that makes any difference is the self aligning torque, turned up it's all wrong and going almost in the opposite direction to what it used to and turned down it removes all ffb effects. The other sliders do nothing. Any ideas? Thanks