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  1. JackWalrus

    F1 2018 Crash to Desktop

    Hi, thanks again for the response. The BIOS is the one from the Asus site, I updated it myself a few years ago. The microcode reported by HWiNFO is 1D. Which I think is the latest for my processor? How do I see and download the dev builds? I can't see anything under betas or F1 2018 update history.
  2. JackWalrus

    F1 2018 Crash to Desktop

    OK, I have tried all combinations of sound devices and drivers. Uninstalling the drivers and disabling the devices. The game crashes while using the Xonar card or the Realtek, it even crashes if I uninstall all sound drivers. So I think it must be something else.
  3. JackWalrus

    F1 2018 Crash to Desktop

    Hi, thanks for your response. I did suspect the sound card since I used to have issues with the ASUS drivers. I'm currently using the UNi Xonar Drivers which have been working without problem and at lower latency than the ASUS ones. I did try playing the game with the Xonar disabled in device manager, using the onboard audio, and I had the same crash. Do you think this is sufficient to rule it out? or should I remove the card from the system? I do have Media Player Classic installed because VLC wouldn't play some copy protected DVDs but I only installed it this week and it was crashing long before that. The motherboard is an ASUS P6X58D-E which is just as old as the processor and lacks drivers for windows 10 but I don't have stability problems outside of this game although maybe it is time for an upgrade. I'm happy to run the game on super low and achieve about 110 fps if I disable v sync. Is it possible to extract any useful information from the crash dump? Thanks Again Jack
  4. JackWalrus

    F1 2018 Crash to Desktop

    F1 2018 crashes to desktop frequently. Sometimes every half hour, sometimes it will play for a few hours. The game will freeze for about 1 second before crashing to desktop. There are no symptoms prior to this. I have tried various combinations of graphics and sound settings. I have tried verifying the game files. I have updated drivers. I have tried moving the game to the c drive. I have reinstalled windows 10 pro. Nothing has solved it. I would be happy to try any other suggestions. The crash dump attached contains a file info.txt including the lines: "ReportCode": "THCE-XKHS-SPGX-DBMG", "Exception": "C0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 000000004419FE61", Exception access violation apparently referring to memory access. I have run memtest86 for hours, completed several passes and found no problems. I have logged various parameters while playing and I cant find any indication of a problem. The GPU RAM does not fill up, GPU load is not abnormal before the crash, neither is CPU load. Temperatures and voltages are normal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jack crash_dump#76561198025566093.zip DxDiag.txt hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_info.xml