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  1. True...Last Indycar game was 2003 by Codemasters... Actually, the last IndyCar game by Codemasters was called "IndyCar Series 2005" according to the box it was released in 2004! This PS2 game was stunning and I loved it but it was let down by the fact that there where no road tracks in the series such as the famous "IndyCar" tracks Watkins Glen, and Laguna Seca! Also strangely for Codemasters when that question was raised by many people (shortly after its release) they actually made a statement to the effect that the "IndyCar series" did not in fact run on road circuits! Odd that they responded! Not odd that they lied in light of the profusion of lies they have told us since! Codemasters can also lay claim to another of my favourite games, namely the brilliant, "NasCar2 06 Total Team Control" in which you could (using a mike) talk to your pit crew and team mates to advise you were coming into the pits, and ask your team mates to assist you things like "Bump Drafting" and dropping back down the field to pace you back to the front, for instance after a pit stop. I am English and I adore Oval racing! "IndyCar 2005" has one of the most comprehensive car set up features I have ever seen including the ability to change tyre pressures for each wheel, In fact springs, dampeners and  ride height were also adjusted for all four corners (wheels) individually. In addition there was a fully functioning flag, cautions and penalty system. and the ability, in the pits to select which tyres would be changed, which damaged parts would be changed and how much fuel would be delivered.  "If done well it would succeed."  If  "IndyCar Series 2005" was re-vamped to the current year and had the missing road tracks added to it I would run to the shops to buy a PS4 and probably a Thrustmasted TSR 500 Wheel with a wheel and peddle stand/rack to boot! This game, if it was re-made completely for the current gen systems  including the road tracks , It is good enough to succeed!  I vote Yes!       
  2. Santarini

    The future of grid

    What GRID 4 Should be!   A re-working of Grid 1 with some improvements would be a very good start! An upgraded version of ToCA Race Driver 3 would also be more than acceptable! Not withstanding some of the niggles about over aggressive AI in “G1” and “GAS”, which in my opinion come from low skill players, some of the elements of “GAS” should be included in any forthcoming Grid 4! There can be no doubt that “G1” knocks “G2” and “GAS” into a cocked hat but “GAS” penalty system is the best yet and should be included in any future game. The much maligned elastic band AI should be brought back but with a tension control allowing the “band” to be weakened to match player capability. The elastic band effect had the much desired effect of making offline races more challenging and closer to the finish line.  Racing in Ninja difficulty setting with the AI at its most powerful, it was still possible to break the elastic band and get away from the pack (if you were good enough!).  My recollection of exactly how the aggressiveness of the Ai  in “G1” is not sufficient to make comparisons with “GAS” AI but “GAS” AI is not too aggressive when compared to racing online against idiots who cannot or will not drive cleanly and fairly! I agree that free practice from the lobbies is a must include, for the same reasons that have already been stated by others, and for at least another reason which I have not seen given! Namely with free practice available in the lobbies grid positions for the impending race could be determined by fastest lap times from the practice session.  About the only thing I like about GT5 and 6 is the way the lobbies work! Text messaging, free practice and the ability for the host to kick unwanted players.  Voting to kick which was a feature of “G1” was the only thing I hated about “G1”. I definitely want to see the retention of the “Racenet Weekly Challenges” which feature in “GAS” but would ask for a return to the comprehensive and accurate (also understandable) leader boards which “Racenet” seems to be incapable of producing.  The leader boards should be persistent for the main online game, the weekly challenges leader boards should only persist until the challenge ends. The exclamation mark grading system featured in “GAS” should also be retained. If “G1” had still been  online I would still be playing it! I would not have bought GT5 and GT6, “G2” or “GAS”! Which brings me to the subject of DLC… If an annual DLC upgrade (which included, lets’ say, 5 new tracks and 4 to 6 variants of each of these tracks and a few new cars) was offered I would be happy to spend the £100+ or so which I would have saved by not buying GT5 and six from your rivals and would still have given you the £60 or so that I spent on “G2” and “GAS” so I would not have complained about an annual DLC cost of £20 year on year since Grid 1 was released. I would be happy for an annual DLC upgrade on any future game which when released was as comprehensive as Grid 1 was when the wheels were pulled off after three years! “We're working hard on some other things at the moment but a new GRID is never off the cards. Why not tell us what kind of things you would want. Maybe start a next GRID game wishlist and just start posting up ideas like the DiRT guys did?” Codemasters Community Manager; Owner of the two most bitchin pair of shoes in the company We have already done this for GRID 1 and ended up with (despite all promises) GRID 2!!! I can’t politely express how I felt about that debacle.  I do wish to state, however, that if GRID and ToCA fans had been listened to and GRID 2 had been listened to the comments such as this… from “ VirtuaIceMan  Member   Wheel Nut  May 11 I've noticed in many Project CARS reviews they quoted it being like the TOCA Race Driver games. “   Would not be occurring! Project C.A.R.S. would have needed to do much more to be better than a “last Gen” game! If GRID 2 had been the game Codie’s  fans wanted, had asked for and expected, it is arguable that “pCARS might never have made it to the consoles at all. Make a game (soon) which makes me want to buy a latest generation console (PS4 in my case). Until then I will just continue with the pale imitation of what should have been the definitive racing game!   Thanks for at least doing something to rectify the unmitigated  disaster which is GRID 2 and giving us GRID Autosport.   Codemasters Grade.                                        Could do better! (you have proven this with so many earlier games)   Regards.    Santarini, (60 years old) Codemasters fan since ToCA Touring Cars PS1.