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  1. Private Claire

    Can’t change the Car Number

    @PCYHOCOADY So we can't put own nubers on stock liverys. it's a pity, but thank you very much!
  2. Private Claire

    Patch 1.50 (PS4 Pro)

    Hello ,just downloaded a new patch 1.50. What is it for? Does it fix promblems with scratched car's body after every race and, low prizes in free mode and an ability to set your own number on the car? Thank you.
  3. Private Claire

    Can’t change the Car Number

    Hello, the same issue on PS4 Pro
  4. Private Claire

    Visual damage.

    Thank you
  5. Private Claire

    Visual damage.

    Any of my cars receive a visual damage in every race. I understand it, it's Ok. But they won't reset their livery to undamaged in a NEW race and I see a visual damaged car in completely new race. Is it a bug? PS4 Pro.