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    Steam version and VR

    Hi I am unable to get anything to work correctly in VR. I have an Oculus Rift S and when trying to run in Steam VR mode, it fails to produce the image in the HMD and just displays the Steam VR environment. In Oculus mode it starts but the entire image seems to have some kind of contrast of brightness issue which is not resolved when changing the sliders and looks even worse. Reds look pink and everything is so washed out you can barely read the menus. In game the head tracking is so poor that turning your head results in the whole image jerking ever so slightly to the direction you turn and is generally very shaky. The last Dirt Rally running on even the DK2 looks better than this is looking right now. Is there a fix for this? I have read similar posts but only see generic suggestions regarding checking files and updating drivers. My system works perfectly and I do not have problems with any other titles. The last Dirt Rally and Project cars 1 and 2 work perfectly fine. My drivers are always updated and besides, I tried some previous versions just to make sure anyway including a full removal of the current, same problem exists in this game. I am running on the RTX 2080 8gb with 16gb of system RAM.
  2. AbstractRobbie

    Steam version and VR

    Actually the Oculus app was open already, I even tried starting Steam VR first and then the game from within the HMD in Steam VR. Still doesn't work. The only way appears to run the Oculus mode from Steam but that is unplayable unless I fancy rotting my retinas and developing cataracts to do so. The color, contrast and brightness are appalling and I can't look at it long enough, even the you can barely make out the menus and in game isn't any better. Perhaps Codemasters shouldn't be suggesting VR as a selling point when it clearly hasn't been optimized at all. Running in VR was the sole reason for my purchase. I have to refund being bought on Steam because you only have so long prior to being stuck with it. Patience is fine if you bought directly or from a store but I have been stuck with titles not fixed before. When CM decide to fix I might repurchase.