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  1. Sjoerdvb

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hi everyone, first post on these forums. I'd like to say that I've been enjoying Grid 2019 quite a bit, but having stepped in from Grid 2 and never playing Grid Autosport, I feel a severe lack of impact on the world you race in. What happened devs? Why was the decision made that no one is called out by name anymore? In interviews you guys were so happy to tell everyone that you guys made a bunch of AI all named with specific aggression stats and such, so why not have them in voice lines? To add to that, why did the nickname system have to be removed?! OMG, I felt so happy being able to choose my own nickname, and then being called out by that name made my experience just that much more immersive, but no, you're nameless now... Also, my point of no impact goes further, smashing someone into a wall and getting them as a nemesis only for the next race to be best of friends again feels like I'm pressing a reset button on every race... The impact point also sticks for damage, please add in a legacy damage setting, and just get that absurd Grid 2 damage system where just a slight bump would make your car constantly veer right or left would make this game be more in line of what the other games before it did, that chaos, that destructive power is all gone in this game. I changed one of the call out options on my controller to be the announcement of damage to my car, but when I pinball from 1 wall to the other I still get the answer "No new damage to report". Then lastly, get local co-op in, me and my bud have been destroying each others cars and racing untill the death in Grid 2, but that feature has to wait a while then I guess. What I do have to give this game credit for is its chipping damage model, seeing those cars lose all its paint when you rub it against a different driver feels nice. The cockpit cam is really fun, makes me feel like I'm driving. And lastly, the weather effects look very nice. What I would like to recommend you guys add/ bring back to the game: 1. That legacy damage setting I previously mentioned. 2. Bring back the normal street cars that Grid 2 had, those were fun. 3. Add a new tier of cars which just break speed limits, like the one koenigsegg car from Grid 2 that had the ability to go 430 km/ph which could only be achieved on the oval track which was DLC. 4. Add more map variety, I love the amount of small differences you guys added in layout, but I personally think different scenery would be more fun to drive through than different layouts. 5. (Optional), Add really over the top custom lobby settings, I think that would create a game like no other, image the following: popped tires mode, so all cars are slidding on metal wheel frames, or monster truck mode, where cars have huge wheels, or 6th gear only mode, where every car is stuck in 6th gear so takes like 3 minutes to get to 100 km/ph, or what I think would be hillarious is all tiers allowed mode, where you could drive the fastest of the fastest GP cars against the slower but more steerable tuner cars or something. TLDR: Grid 2019 is proving to be a nice game, but my god, I think it has lost some of its chaotic energy from its ancestors and should definitely try to get that back for it to be a strong game in the market.