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  1. This is how Codemasters cares about its customers. I created this topic over 6 months ago and they have done absolutely nothing to fix it, and worst of all, they have never had any intention to do so. An irony that behind a great game there is a lousy company that has stolen all of us €50 or $50 for a season pass that its developers never tested before releasing it (and obviously not afterwards either).
  2. Hello PJTierney, I mailed them and this is the answer: Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Dirt Rally 2.0. As the Game Pass for PC is still beta, we are unable to guarantee that all add-ons and dlc will work correctly at the current time I'm afraid. Can we suggest that you contact Microsoft and ask them to verify that everything is installed correctly? Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused I'm sorry but it's a very bad excuse and a polite way of telling me I'm sorry for you, but we're not going to do a
  3. Hello, I downloaded Dirt Rally 2.0 on Windows Store (Game Pass Edition) and then purchased the Year One Pass on November 17th. The case is that it never detected that I hace the Year One Pass. As you can see in my attached images: - The game doesn't recognize next to my profile with the symbol "D+" that I own Year One Pass. - When I try to play any challenge marked ass "D+" the game says that there is missing content and that I have no access to the season pass. It happened when season 3 and now again with season 4. - Another problem (I guess is related to the same problem)
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