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  1. I have recently upgrades to the Thrustmaster TLCM pedals, the problem I am having is that now the accelerator is behaving like an on/off switch. I think I am missing something in the calibration as the problem only occurs whilst playing this sim. I'm not particularly computer savvy and this prob has made the game basically unplayable. If anyone can help with this I would be most grateful as I really enjoy this sim even though I'm not very good at it lol. Thanks in advance for any advice

  2. Maybe I've been lucky but until a week ago I had no issues with Dirt games. I have Dirt 4, Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally2 all on Steam. About a week ago I tried to launch Dirt 4 and it froze when it was trying to connect to Racenet. Same thing happened with Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2. Now I cannot access any of the titles which is frustrating to say the least. Despite being a pensioner I enjoy my sims, the total financial outlay for these 3 titles represents a significant investment for me and now I can't even play them. Does anyone please have a resolution to this issue. If they do I promise I will send them a Christmas card every year for the rest of my life. Thanks in anticipation