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  1. Lighta100

    2020 update is here

    If you can find the right assist settings etc, it’s a balance between what things used to be before the last update and the last update. So, braking is more important. Your driving skills become more important again and ramming into one another has been reduced. At least for now. Am sure the usual nutcases who think this a game of bumper cars will find a way to ruin the bliss.
  2. Lighta100

    Anyone noticed change in Engine noise?

    And it isn’t consistent. Some tracks the engine sound is the new annoying one. Other tracks or events it’s the old sound. Am confused. And mildly irritated.
  3. Lighta100

    Bad drivers

    I have for the most part defended Codemasters where i thought folks were being unfair. The last few weeks, however, apart from quali, it’s been unplayable and I am seriously thinking of quitting this game. The cheating has gone to new heights altogether. AI cars ram you off the track. Cheaters with 5.0 safety ram you into walls. Not sure who to trust for fair play anymore. I hope this is just people taking out their Covid -19 frustrations in the game. If not, man, then there’s a lot of angst out there. Well, I’ll give it a month and if things don’t change, I’m out. It’s not worth it.
  4. Lighta100

    General feedback from a Newbie

    There will always be a little lag. Impossible to get timing of two drivers from two different areas to be perfectly matched. But in quali, just concentrate on getting a faster time. Many a time, I have seen that while I have visually 'lost' (ie. the car I was dueling in quali finished just ahead of me), I get awarded a win because technically I drove the lap faster.
  5. Lighta100

    AI cars!!!!

    I rarely take on AI cars now. Not worth it. The worst is when you are trying to avoid an overly-aggressive opponent, veer close to an AI and then the AI takes you out. Lose-lose situation.
  6. Lighta100

    McLaren official car handling sucks?

    It does suck. I have the car but rarely race with it. My go to is the Renault.
  7. Lighta100

    Punishment vs rewards

    I don't know, but am assuming they are. I am also sure Codemasters is constantly looking at market research to assess what is most/least attractive to players, ratio of players in relation to time spent playing, money spent on the game : those who want fair play vs those who enjoy the rougher style of driving and crashing into others. Truth is, it will boil down to money. Or profits, to be more precise. If Codemasters is seeing more new players joining the game because they like the unfair/rough driving style and they are the very players who spend more money buying CRs, skins etc compared to the rest of us who prefer fair play...then Codemasters will continue to keep the game rough while giving us (those in favor of fair play) the illusion that they are doing something about it. Money rules, as always.
  8. Lighta100

    Punishment vs rewards

  9. Lighta100

    Punishment vs rewards

    @G1bby - good idea and as long as the side view mirrors work properly, it’s a matter of driver skill. Those who play the top view as opposed to the driver’s POV can see the opponent’s car anyway, but it’s a start.
  10. Lighta100

    Car goes airborne after getting hit

    Yup. It has. Kind of fun if you don’t mind losing points.
  11. Lighta100

    Punishment vs rewards

    Cheaters aren’t winners. Neither are those who indulge in unfair behavior on the track. So far they’ve gotten away with it because the game allowed it. The current update where we are allowed to call out unfair drivers is a great step toward managing this nuisance. And I hope the game has algorithms to figure out who cheats and yet calls out an unfair player (eg if you’re always reporting against players...that can’t be true. Similarly, if more players are reporting you...where there’s smoke, there’s fire). I am assuming there is. But there’s also another way to promote fair play. By adding the option to applaud a fair player/good driver. Someone who has won fair and square while they have out-driven you. I just came off such a race and was beaten - and the driver who beat me drove wonderfully. Kind of made me want to go shake his/her hand. So I thought why not get some bonus points by virtue of your opponent calling out your driving skills. Gives me the option to high five or shake hands with my opponent. Which adds to their bonus points. Punishing bad behavior and rewarding good behavior working in tandem. Something to consider, Codemasters? Thoughts from others?
  12. Lighta100

    Anyone drives with driver's POV?

    I use driver‘s POV. Don’t enjoy the top cam arcade-like view at all. Never have.
  13. Lighta100

    Issues loading into the game

    No, not related to anyone. Just a mildly successful entrepreneur who likes to relax playing this game. Just saying that no one is holding a gun to our heads. We don’t like the game, we can leave. No disagreement whatsoever with anyone about the fact the game, the tech...all of it could be much better. We are used to seamless experiences on other games after all. Just that the yelling and calling names isn’t changing anything. So why shout? Keep at it if it makes you happy but it ain’t changing a thing.
  14. Lighta100

    Issues loading into the game

    Ok, everyone, I think we need to give these guys a little bit of a break from the bashing. I don’t like some things about the game as well (would love to see rough players get penalty points for crashing into me every time!), but these are complex games and there will be bugs. And the solution they offered actually works, so try it. I did and the game works again for me. Not the ideal way to solve it, I know, but still. Plus, it’s the holiday season. Be a little generous. It’s not like there’s another F1 game you’d rather be playing, so play nice for a while. The more we encourage the engineers, the better the game will get. Happy holidays and happy racing.