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  1. Here’s an a-hole driver who smashed into me from the side just as I was about to pass him/her -Hugo HJM 28. He/she won the race but we all know what a loser drivers like these are.
  2. Honestly, this system is working way better than any other they’ve tried but I just wonder why they can’t heavily (and I mean heavily) penalize offenders with loss of points etc. ? Like in real F1 racing. You cause a collision - you pay the price.
  3. I have for the most part defended Codemasters where i thought folks were being unfair. The last few weeks, however, apart from quali, it’s been unplayable and I am seriously thinking of quitting this game. The cheating has gone to new heights altogether. AI cars ram you off the track. Cheaters with 5.0 safety ram you into walls. Not sure who to trust for fair play anymore. I hope this is just people taking out their Covid -19 frustrations in the game. If not, man, then there’s a lot of angst out there. Well, I’ll give it a month and if things don’t change, I’m out. It’s not worth it.
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