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  1. Looking to game with Xbox One owners using wheels, I am a Fanatec user!

  2. that's good @Pullblox at least they fixed one thing even if they broke mine!! I live in hope despite not a single official reply. What a waste of a decent game
  3. and still no recognition / support / acknowledgement from anyone regarding my fanatec issue which is pretty much the opposite to this! It was fine before Season one and now they've broken it fixing other things. Thanks for the wonderful customer service.....
  4. Hi, did you see my new post Re: fanatec issues since season one update? Can someone confirm this is being looked into?
  5. Guys anyone using a fanatec CSW 2.5 before / after the season one update - mine was fine before and I was enjoying the game, not I have no feel at all, no return to centre, no ffb, no vibration or sensation of any sort. It rotates and controls the car but it's unplayable. Codemasters! Are you looking at this?
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