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  1. It is a great pleasure that Codemasters introduced the creation and management of their team in F1 2020, one of the things that I personally proposed at the beginning of this topic and that many of you appreciated. I hope that all of us in the community can get excited by experiencing new emotions coming from F1 2020. Thank you very much Codemasters for listening to your faithful players 😃
  2. Well, obviously this is your opinion and I respect it, how all opinions and ideas of all. Thanks to you. Which I know, at the moment there isn't any mod can integrate this circuits. But, only the developers can make it.
  3. What are you referring to? In which answer see this difficulty? I'm sorry for my incomprehension about it I'm not a part of Codemasters's staff, but you can contact the administrator of forum that can helping you about it. Don't worry, your english is well
  4. EN: Ok, but I can ask to you to translate, with Google Translator or similar, your comment please? Don't worry if your english isn't good, but many in the community don't know other languages. If you can, then, you can write, first in French and then have the comment you have written translated in English by computer pasting the content after what you have written in your native language. Follow this comment as an example. Thank you on behalf of all of us for your understanding. Now, about your idea. Yes, it's a good idea. For to give a dedicated setup for the qualify and for race, but I don't remember the officially FIA Regulation about it. I think that isn't possible modify the car setup next park closed (parc fermé) FR: D'accord, mais puis-je vous demander de traduire votre commentaire avec Google Translator ou similaire? Ne vous inquiétez pas si votre anglais n'est pas bon, mais de nombreux membres de la communauté ne connaissent aucune autre langue. Si vous le pouvez, vous pouvez alors écrire, d'abord en français, puis le commentaire que vous avez écrit traduit en anglais par l'ordinateur en collant le contenu après ce que vous avez écrit dans votre langue maternelle. Suivez ce commentaire à titre d'exemple. Merci au nom de nous tous pour votre compréhension. Maintenant, à propos de votre idée. Oui, c'est une bonne idée. Donner une configuration dédiée aux qualifications et à la course, mais je ne me souviens pas du règlement officiel de la FIA à cet égard. Je pense qu'il n'est pas possible de changer la configuration de la voiture après la fermeture du parc (parc fermé)
  5. For more comprehension about my idea with a simple example graphic. Obviously, for to be correct, any company posted in this image is only for to give a representative and artistic idea and any logo or other is fully properties of respective owners
  6. Ok guys. In this moment the F1 is stopped for the COVID-19 and many races can be cancelled. In more threads there are many themes about it. So, I think that Codemasters can be making an bonus tracks for eventually deleted race or, with online update, can remodule the F1 calendar as reality. What do you think about it? Another idea can be making about the sponsorship. In my humble opinion, this idea can also be interesting as the sales costs of the video game, because it can involve different companies by simply connecting them through an algorithm that changes the sponsors of the circuits during the various grand prizes (for example, if a company wanted to advertise itself through the video game , can do so by placing their logo or some promotions as sponsors at the relative edges of the circuit, such as sponsored protection barriers). Even during the loading of a circuit it could represent the opportunity to advertise the companies concerned, perhaps with a background image that shows the news of a particular company that has paid for the place, also because you have to wait for the console or the computer uploads files to start game sessions. For the end user it would be crazy also as for Codemasters, the sales costs of the video game would be reduced because the companies would pay to have their advertising however non-invasive or forced as unfortunately happens in mobile apps (which I personally hate) and the audience could widen. Obviously, the video game must in online connection because Codemasters can updating the sponsorships. For me this is a good idea and for you?
  7. Another great idea!!! Yes, it's very interesting to modify the GP order manually, or, in my humble opinion, making in remote with dedicated server that update the our season with official season in real time
  8. Great ideas. Well done! Yeah, trustly you have said a good optional for a racing game how F1 Series by Codemasters. The "third" mirror, or rear mirror, can make a great utility during the simulation. I remember that this option was introduced since Accolade Grand Prix (1988 game for MS-DOS) and revisited by F1 Challenge '99 - '02 and rFactor series. About multi category, how a Special Edition of F1 2020 can be very interesting (the hypotetic title can be: "F1 2020: road to drive") how was for "F1 2019 Legends Edition" 😀
  9. Hello everyone. In this moment the whole world lives in a emergency situation for Covid-19, and potentially the calendar could lose most of GP scheduled for this year. What do you think about that? In F1 2020 there will be races that will be canceled? (for example, China).

    1. G47


      In case that, for example, China GP will be definitive cancelled in 2020, I hope that race can be exist how bonus track. This is so for every GP in risk to deleting about my humble opinion

  10. Of course, I wanted to say that a false start is like saying jump start, or highlighting the driver's error in starting earlier than the official start of the race. At moment, I've seen, in previous F1 games jump start was reserved to player and not AI, for more realism, can be interesting about my opinion 😀
  11. Another ideas: false start for AI and players (see link Youtube video on this) and problem during the start (see link Youtube video on this). In my opinion, can be a good idea. What do you think about it?
  12. What do you think about pre-season tests? For example: until the season start, we can testing our car in circuit and begin to develop it from test. This mode can be activate or not, in base a gamer choice, both for driver season and both for manager career mode driver, ever in base my originally idea. In my opinion can be interesting, but for you?
  13. Another idea: we talking with engineer and valutate if the pit stop is good or not for a particular racing condition. For example: if we have programmed, first to race, to the lap 10 the pit stop and, for some reasons, during the race, we must make the pit stop in lap 8, I won't to entry in the pitlane next 2 laps because I've just making the pit stop. In previous F1 games, there's some difficult about this and not always the engineer calling for deleting the pit stop programmed. For logic, this method can be automated without receive the engineer calling and invite we to choice if entering or not in pitlane, in base of calculation of stops to the boxes, or, we can be receive the calling that at lap 10 the team have erased the stop because we have making the pit stop 2 laps early. It's more realistic and simply. Another reasons is when we drive and in every laps receiving the calling for a new strategy. If we say no to the first time, we won't receive, during the race, for every lap, the calling for choice to switch strategy, this is irritate. We say no the first time, the responsibility is our, we say yes, the responsibility is to the team. What do you think about it?
  14. Another idea: until approde and start the F1 career, it's very curious if the cars are presented one to one. For example, the official F1 journalist, in a short breaking news, reveal all new cars, with a riepologative video, with their drivers for season in course. In merit to F2 championship, during our experience in this category, we can be testing, how third driver, one of F1 car choice from team. For example. We drive for Ferrari's driver academy? Well. Ferrari, how regulamentation of FIA F1 Championship, during the days dedicated to rookie drivers, it makes drive their F1 cars (if I don't wrong, the friday session is dedicated to this mode). What do you think?
  15. Yes, it's a possibility. But I think what the gamers want. For example, there are some people that love playing and managing into the games, how a soccer gaming. Well. In this games, you can create a players, a team and another things. In F1 games, that I remember, this isn't never making, losing the interest for some people. The are some bug certanly, because every development can have some natural errors. Is irrealistic to think that the games are bug free, because we all know there are some problem affected until the publication of they, only time and patches can be improve that. Now, you have many reasons about the console platform, but the difficult can be mitigate with two versions of the game. For computer and new generation console, can making a lot of themes game (manager career mode, career mode starting F2 championship, ...). For old generation console and some computer not recents, can make a standard game or with less themes gaming (normal career, time attack, ...). I know that isn't good, but if we remember the jumping from PlayStation 1 console to PlayStation 2 console (some 20 years ago), some games was making in this method before the PS2 was released on market (for example, remember the F1 2001, never released in PS1 but released how Formula One Arcade, the light version for this console gaming) , because the new console was very stronger respect in past, more potential, more graphics improvement, ... I think that the develpers can be interested to anticipate the gaming concepts for to give, in 2021, to PlayStation 5 and new computer generation (Intel i7 and i9 are the future with AMD Ryzen) the big jump already tested from 1 year, because in this moment, for this technology that we beneficiate, there are more potential to improve and integrate more themes in gaming and these concepts can be remain for many years and give many interest from more people. Obviously, this is my opinion and I can wrong 😀