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  1. Hi @BarryBL First of all, thanks for taking care of the users and this problem of an almost non-existing Safety Car at Multiplayer races. Adding to the videos of the creator of this topic, I'd like to add another video of an accident where a Safety Car should have been coming out. This was at a league race in Spa, where five cars have been taken out at an incident after Eau Rouge: Adding to this I'd like to tell you about something I noticed about the Safety Car: I was having a practice session with my team mate and at the race (2nd lap) I slowed down for some seconds to let him catch me, so yellow flags were out for quite some time. Suddenly the Safety Car deployed. There was no accident or crash, no touching walls, no driver out of the race/disconnect or whatever. Just yellow flags for slow driving. So maybe for the Safety Car, it depends how long the yellow flags are out and not how many cars are taken out/how heavy an incident has been? Could that be a case? Thanks for your effort and I'm looking forward hoping you will find a solution for this, because it affects league racing alot. By the way, in F1 2016 there hasn't been this problem. We had the Safety Car out when it was needed (usually). Maybe you changed something since that which caused this issue. Best regards, Daresco