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  1. TrueBlade1889

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    No. Codies don't do FFB. As for road feel... again, they don't even think it is required. My advice is Project Cars 2. Once you see how 12 different FFB settings can be adjusted, OMG... you'll never look at another arcade driving game again. I am constantly apologising for being British, as Codies are an embarrassment. I just hope they don't ruin SMS now they've bought them out. Unfortunately we only have ourselves to blame. If we hadn't kept throwing money at Codies for decades, knowing they only ever deliver a half-hearted game, they would never have had the cash to buy them. Oh, the sad, sad, irony. All my Codemasters games have been erased from my valuable M 2 drives. They will never darken my door again or receive another dime from me. My parting message is simple... don't pay them money and then moan about all the issues. Vote with your wallets. Bye bye for ever.
  2. TrueBlade1889

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Well given Codies and SMS seem to have such wildly differing ideas on exactly what features FFB should have, as alluded to above, I just wonder IF it will ever happen. Additionally, we need rumble though the wheel to compensate for the fact that we don't have feel in the seat of our pants as we would in a real car. Just drove a gravel stage yesterday... much better. We just need about 25 percent of that canned rumble on tarmac and snow and I'll be happy.
  3. TrueBlade1889

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Perfectly put. This is what is missing in all Codies' stuff. Vibration has been present in video games since the dual shock controller came out. I remember it fondly in Gran Turismo 2 on the PS1. It creates a feeling of visceral immersion and without at least some rumble, you cannot tell if you have traction when in a straight line. In Dirt Rally 2, there is a little NOW, on the gravel stages, but none on the tarmac. There REALLY needs to be. Codies have had it before when they used editable road surface .xml files. These DEFINED the amount of background rumble on different surfaces. We NEED this back. WHY ? Because a FINE vibration through the wheel, says "I have traction, once that disappears I KNOW I am getting air... or if combined with a judder, tells me I'm LOSING traction. Codies REALLY need to try Project Cars. It's in a different league when it comes to the entire range of FFB components. The fact they've BOUGHT Slightly Mad is the BIGGEST irony in gaming history... something my new video series will demonstrate SHORTY, on my Youlube channel. If I'd bought Ferrari I WOULDN'T still be driving around in a Ford Fiesta. The FFB in both Dirt Rally 2 and GRID 2019 COULD be fixed in a FEW weeks if they let the REAL techies at Slightly Mad, loose. .... then, they may not need to be discounting THESE games all the time, to under 20 quid. Sad. Embarrassing and why the heck have you bought SM Studios unless you're going to take advantage of their resources ?