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  1. zykelmyg

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Cool, thanks for the quick response 🖖
  2. zykelmyg

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Hi CM I have the same problem as CookieMcCrumbl. It started after an Steam automated update. I play on PC on Steam season 1 PS: Is it possible to un-update the game, so I can get back to the "working version" until you fix the bug?
  3. zykelmyg

    PC windows 10 Grid season 3 qualifying

    I have exactly the same problem -mega annoying 🤯
  4. Hi all After last update, I can qualify at any rank from 1 to 15, but when the race starts, I'm starting ranked 16. Mostly the first race in a series is ok, but round 2 and 3 is f....., that makes it a very difficult to win the series, and that's mega annoying. The game is Grid first season on PC.