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    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/wrc-8-mods.173099/ If you have WRC 8 on PC, it is worth a try.
  2. SaxmanUSMC

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    A lot of the more well known sim racing streamers got a press release version of the game over the last week or two. For me they are better to draw an opinion on more than the KT released videos. A few things I noticed immediately..... First, it looks like they have fixed puddle physics, which were absolutely trash in WRC 8. The cars look to actually have better angular momentum and carry inertia properly through tight bends and hairpins, another big issue in WRC8. The cars do not seem to be rocket ships anymore. Accel looks to be more in line with the real cars, or at least the sense of speed in the game has been improved. Cars look less twitchy and look to have weight, much more than in WRC8. 8 is good, but still so many small things are lacking. I do play 8 a lot though with WRC 8 Mods 10.1 from Racedepartment. You lose online play, but the graphics and physics improvements make the game absolutely amazing.
  3. SaxmanUSMC

    How do I get faster?

    As a lot have said already, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I had to really dig in and apply this advice to start really enjoying the game and it has helped immensely. Also, learn how to control and balance the car with braking and accelerator more than with the steering. It's better to go slower into a bend to set up a clean and fast exit. Beyond that it's just practice; lots and lots of practice.
  4. SaxmanUSMC

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    That's interesting cause I had it on my external SSD at first and it was bad. It's pretty smooth on the internal. That said, with my new setup, I am finding wrc 8 not much fun and am absolutely loving DR and DR 2. I have actually gone back to controller for WRC 8.
  5. SaxmanUSMC

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    My first post here, but I figured I would chime in since I have put a lot of time in on WRC 8. I play on an Xbox One X and had been using a Thrustmaster TX. It took some time to dial in but the FFB was really good once I got the wheel right. If felt better than DR and DR2.0 The default setups and quick adjustments for the car setups suck. To get the cars to actually handle properly, especially at slow speed, you have to setup the suspension and diff for each location. The physics shine once this is done. There still are some strange physics things going on though. There are invisible puddles sometimes, and the car's reaction to puddles and water spots is way over-tuned. It is also not predictable based on your angle of entry, throttle position, or speed. You also get no feedback from running over some larger rocks or brush on the side of the stage. Curbs on tarmac stages are the exception. Speaking of tarmac, the physics here are really good. The WRC cars tend to still be a little floaty, but proper suspension and diff tuning help with this. Back to the FFB. I just upgraded this week to a CSL Elite 1.1 with the R330 wheel and universal hub and CSL Elite LC pedals. The LC brake has made a huge difference, but it feels better in DR and DR2. The FFB in DR and DR2.0 now feel light-years beyond WRC 8 with my new hardware. I still have some tuning to do, but WRC 8 feels like canned feedback and vibrations now, to where DR and DR2 feel more natural; how I would expect the car and wheel to react. Tarmac still does feel better than the DR games, but even this has improved with the new wheel. And let's talk about fps on console. It runs fairly smooth for 30fps on my One X. BUT......the low fps starts compounding problems as you get faster. When I had the TX dialed in with the car settings right, I was able to push top 25 in a number of stages, but at this speed the frame stutter and graphics wash out was interfering with the physics and my ability to react. TL;DR is that WRC 8 is a good game. It has its issues as does DR and DR2, but it's good. I would recommend if you want to play it seriously, do so on PC. The 30 fps limit on consoles will eventually hold you back. For asphalt rallies, it is much better than DR/DR2. On gravel, I still prefer DR/DR2. My dream come true would be for CM to get the WRC license and make a fully licensed WRC rally game with DR2 gravel physics and proper asphalt physics.