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  1. TheBradwick

    No money, can't progress?

    It would be cool if you are in that position, which I bet most new teams in real F1 are, you could take on a paid driver that brings money/sponsorship to the team with them.
  2. TheBradwick

    Logitech G29 vs. Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheel

    I spent some time playing around with them to get it feeling right. I used the setting in Dirt 2 that shows the percentage the pedal is pressed and trimmed them down untill I got it to reach 100% with a comfortable amount of force. I found a really good online tutorial I used to take the thing apart, it shows how the travel is measured in the pedal and which bits to watch for. Very handy.
  3. TheBradwick

    Logitech G29 vs. Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheel

    Yeah mines the same 😂. It's the left wrist for me normally. For the f1 game I've got it set to 100 I think, I always Google a recommended set up as soon as I get I new game. They need to be set high to get any feel out of it. I just found the video I used .https://www.racedepartment.com/media/f1-2020-best-logitech-g29-g920-wheel-ffb-settings-tutorial.1265/ F1 2020 - Tutorial - RaceDepartment
  4. TheBradwick

    Logitech G29 vs. Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheel

    I ended up having to take the pedals appart and take out this sold piece of rubber that stopped the brand pedal pressing more than 25%. Bought foam replacements online, they came in 3 different hardiness. Would definitely recommend them.
  5. TheBradwick

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    Who would release a game on a Friday and then immediately schedule a day off, especially when the early release has been missing content that people have paid for. If your right, that's a poor show.
  6. TheBradwick

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    Nope, nothing for me yet. I'm not surprised to be honest. Not a single piece of Dirt 2 DLC worked straight off the bat for me either, the realise and pay tiers at codemasters have become so complicatedly greedy that they can't even figure out how to implement them.
  7. TheBradwick

    Unrealistically fast practice program times.

    I found that did help a little, I had my problem in fp1 at Melbourne. The target time was the faster than anyone had posted by the end of the session. I fiddled around with the difficulty for ages trying to get it to make sense for me. In the end I gave up and moved to fp2 (thinking of advice on here) and it was fine. The target times have been near the bottom of the table for every session since. I'm only on Hanoi, but hopefully it won't crop up again.
  8. Hey, really enjoying the handling and team management in My Team. Thankyou. I'm have real problems with practice sessions. With the difficulty set so I can achieve lap times around tenth or lower (I'm a new team after all) I'm around half a second off at best from the teams expected lap times. If I adjust the difficulty so I can just about pass the practice programs I'm setting the fastest times in the session, 2.5 seconds faster than my team mate. The top teams are setting times around where the practice target times are set. Really hope this is something that's being looked into, I'm honestly not exaggerating when I say it's killing the My Team mode for me.
  9. Yes, this issue is ruining the game for me to. I've only been on Melbourne so far trying to tweak the difficulty. The lap times the team are asking while saving tires are faster than the top teams times. So you can either set the difficulty at your level (so that you set times around 10th or lower, I'm a brand new team after all) or set it so you can just about do the practice objectives and be a second faster than everyone. I'm honestly not over reacting how much this affects the games enjoyment. It's killed the most team mode for me.
  10. TheBradwick

    Thinking of upgrading to a wheel for F1 2020

    A sturdy adjustable stand is just as important as the wheel. I skimped in this a little and wish I'd spent a bit more on one, any movement in the stand can really kill the experience.
  11. TheBradwick

    Qualifying is a joke

    Yep, I've just bought the game and wanted to see if anyone else is having issues with qualifying. I've just done the first race in the tuner class at San Fransisco in the wet. I qualified first with a time of about 49sec, AI on 52sec. During the race, same track conditions, the AI best time is 4secs faster at a high 48. Are code masters aware/fixing this does anyone know? I'd be a little dramatic saying it's unplayable, it's just making it unenjoyable so far! From the brief time I've had with it the street circuits seem the main culprits