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  1. Coffeeman89

    Livery color bug in multiplayer

    Same here in public quick match races. Custom liveries wont show the correct colors. I'm on XBox One X.
  2. Coffeeman89

    Visual damage.

    Mh, i should have searched the forums first before i was posting pretty much the same a couple of hours ago. I get the same on my Xbox One X: Minor scratches all over the bodywork and dirt on the front bumper at every start of a race. Good to know i'm not the only one who reconized it. 🙂
  3. Greetings everyone and a merry christmas! Since i bought the game on for my XBox One X, i always get the bug that my cars including the AI cars, even before the race actually starts, already have a damaged bodywork. It shows minor scratches and dirt. I tried a few things with the damage settings with restarting the race or restarting the whole game, nothing changed. I have 2 screenshots showing this before a race starts and the other one was when i did a hotlap. Sorry for the poor quality on the 2nd picture. The Corvette starts off more damaged than the Subaru. Best regards, Coffeeman89 EDIT: Topic can be deleted.
  4. Coffeeman89

    Can’t change the Car Number

    Hi there. You are not alone, i got the same issue, also on Xbox One. Cheers.