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  1. For me the biggest drawback of dirt rally 1.0 and 2.0 is the career and the custom championships offline. For example starting the carreer with some R2 cars owned by the player or make a contract as paid driver then get contracts for a higher much faster categories! Make teams with overall points that could go up and down forwarding seasons! the AI drivers will switch teams and make contracts. Add historic categories that you can take part and need to have your owned team and bought car. As for the custom championships offline: make it possible to make a fantasy one, for example i could make a championship with cars from different categories like having a EVO X N4 categorie, a subaru impreza from 2000' and a ford fiesta from 2010 and pick teams and drivers from career or anything we want! Adding 4 player hot seat mode in custom championship (passing the controller to another person) is always a good thing! Last thing i would love to see is: make it more simulation to other things except driving! Example: Flipped car can not respawn just like that! make it like a scene that crowd comes and flip it like in real life and get more time penalty both player and AI! Add more random problems and situations from the past from real life wrc seasons for both the player and the AI ! transmission failures, constructor car parts failure and such. Make the cars start the stage every 1 minute and actually see the cars on stage if you catch up or they catch up to you due to problems. Or make it so that you can watch the entire drivers line-up before you and after your time. Not bad simulations and impossible times! Racenet clubs: Add more specifications on rules of the championships like past dirts limiting cars choice by horsepower and the ability to have AI in the championship. Personal wish! adding more WRC cars from 90's and 2000's those things could take time to become reallity on a game ..... but i am sure that the fans could wait for a better game that will sell good! Thanks, a DiRT Rally Fan
  2. I own DIRT RALL 2.0 and it needs in my opinion Ai fixing at poland ... it is way too good!
    It would be helpfull if you could let us chose the AI opponents and the ability to put more than 20 on custom events!