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  1. BluecatRally

    Codemasters secures World Rally Championship license from 2023

    I think Dirt Rally 3 will land with a new engine born out of collaboration with SMS, most likely in 2022. The WRC game I think would make sense to me to be a refinement of DR3 with the additional cars and some added bits so that they get their platform, engine and hopefully cloud servers nailed down and working well. Then in 2024 when this first WRC game arrives I would expect to see it called something like Dirt WRC '24 with maybe some historic stuff included in a scenario style game play similar to the Colin McRae stuff recently put out. So you might find that you're knocking a Mitsubishi round Kielder in 89 as Pentti. A lot of the historic stuff though I'd expect to be dropping some coin for DLC as this is the stuff that doesn't have to be included for the game to sell, and it's what enthusiasts will happily pay handsomely for. Personally, I think the game will very much come from the Dirt Rally stable but I also think they'll factor in an 'easier to drive' mode for the pick-up-and-play gamers. As for the Toyota stuff, this surely has to bring some kind of relationship back together. I for one would love to see a Celica make its way in to DR3.. and unless Tommi has an imminent announcement to make then Toyota's WRC car will be in the new game and they will have to get along to some extent.
  2. BluecatRally

    The Solberg World Cup

    This is quite simply pathetic now. The only chance I've had to play this week so I sit down to complete round 2 of the Solberg cup only to find that the servers are totally unusable again. There just is no point carrying on any more with club events. I'm absolutely furious that I cannot use what I've paid for. No point loggin anything with support as they won't acknowledge Codemasters epic fail in all of this. Believe me I've tried. Not much point putting this up here either as they either don't care or the Racenet system is so fundamentally flawed that it's not possible to scale it up to fix it. This is a cheap shot I know, but I'm just so frustrated and here's all fingers crossed for continuing progress and improvements of the 'other' rally game.
  3. BluecatRally

    I need a new screen

    Wow.. good advice. And looks like they’re definitely rated highly. My limiting issue though by the sounds is going to be my old 980 so I’ll be looking at a fairly expensive upgrade before I can go for one of these types of monitors. Thanks for all the info everyone.
  4. BluecatRally

    I need a new screen

    Unfortunately my 27” screen is starting to show signs of being on it’s way out, so I’m starting to research a replacement. I really can’t fit 3 screens in and VR doesn’t do anything for me as I can only tolerate it for brief periods. So I need a single, decent gaming screen and driving games are all I play on the PC. So I’ve started looking at the ultra wide, curved screens and wondering if any of the 144 1ms versions of those screens are any good? Specifically for DR2.0, is anyone running one of these types of screens and would recommend them? The alternative is I’ll just go for a standard 32”, but if I can get a bit more immersion then even better!
  5. BluecatRally

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Hey @PJTierney, does that mean that future DLC is still in the pipeline and this isn’t the end of the road? And broken record, but is there any plans to add any additional co-drivers in the future?
  6. BluecatRally

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    MKII Escort too maybe
  7. BluecatRally

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack

    Called it in the other thread! 😁 Shame no Derek Ringer @PJTierney?!
  8. BluecatRally

    Something is coming closer...

  9. BluecatRally

    Something is coming closer...

    And the McRae rally challenge is back this year at Knockhill just down the road. Yep, something might just be coming this year thats a little more special, and that DR2.0 is onboard with and contributing to.. 🤞🏻 For UK viewers, look out for Chris Harris running L555 BAT in this series of Top Gear too
  10. BluecatRally

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Has anyone seen the image of Ott laid out at the side of the car? Hope he’s ok and they’re not keeping a lid on anything (for the sponsors) that’ll keep him out for any rallies. Hopefully just badly winded but raised concern in my head.. one h*ll of a crash. The WRC+ service was a must for me... and I don’t regret it but there are a couple of issues that they need to address as a priority. There’s a lot of in-car coverage and I realise the reasons for this.. Night, weather, cost etc. All impacts the use of the choppers and drones... but external shots are all important and can be lacking IMO. The second is the app. Last year it would reckon that multiple connections were in use and chuck you out (dismissed immediately as my problem by their support). This year, they’ve redesigned it and.. well.. it’s a mess. Signs you out between every launch, the layout is awful and directs you to buy a subscription even when you are logged in, and if you want to watch on iPad or iPhone, you can’t use AirPods as it thinks you are casting the stream and blanks out the video. I honestly want to support WRC all the way, hence the subscription. The more support, the more chance of enticing other manufacturers back after all and building the sport we all love. But they need to sack off whoever is being paid to build that app. Fingers crossed for some fixes before Sweden. Interested to hear how everyone else is getting on with the app?
  11. BluecatRally

    Something is coming closer...

    Just saying! 😂 @PJTierney ‘questioning’ UK locations just ramped up my hopes.. Come on CM.. lets have a right good go through the Grizzlies or Dalby in a Legacy with Derek Ringer calling the shots!! All with a flutter in the stomach and a little bit of love for Mr ‘flat over crest’.. Spot on!
  12. BluecatRally

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Thanks @ApexAzimuthand @Dytut. Good encouragement. I’ll see about how I sort a video of my plodding through a stage and post it. Well, where to start. I think I will have shortcomings in all of those areas and more. My speed on the straights depends on the location and how well I’ve managed to tune out the bounce of the car without turning it in to a sofa. I am however too cautious and often brake too early. Haven’t quite nailed putting it on it’s nose, just at the right braking point and all the while controlled. I think my cautious approach has come from taking the mentality of slower is quicker too far. My exit speed usually depends on whether I’ve made a minor mistake on entry or not. I’m not too shabby at hairpins but I am inconsistent in all corners. Think gliding out in corners... this is the biggy that jumped out at me. I’ve been moaning about my inability to understand and create setups. So I suffer a lot of understeer in AWD cars and drift out exactly as you describe. I’ve been rewatching the DR1 tutorials on weight transfer and I know I need to put the weight on the outside front corner, but my cautious style comes in again and sometimes my corner entry isn’t fast enough for the braking to cause enough weight transfer to the front. The lack of aggression is one thing, but then I don’t know how much understeer my setups are introducing. The 95 Impreza, despite being my ultimate rally car in history is also my nemesis in this game cos it’s a lump to get the nose in and start the slide. The last one, is probably the one I’ve just about got somewhere right. If I have the correct speed in to the corner, then feathering the throttle and left foot braking is a pretty natural instinct now. Not saying there is no room for improvement, but since I got the brake feeling a bit better I’ve dramatically improved. It seems odd, but I simply cannot right foot brake at all on DR. Muscle memory is just broken, but then I tried braking left foot in the road car and nearly ripped my face off. Bizarre how the brain works for muscle memory. Same task, same controls, different environment and the result is a learner driver who’s never touched a brake pedal in their lives. 😏 So I thank you again for giving me something to think about. The reassurances that you guys aren’t doing anything super human will give me the push to try harder. P.s. Fingers crossed for Ott Tanak that the media releases so far aren’t playing down the issue. The guy looked pretty rough on the tarmac at the side of that bent Hyundai. Hopefully nothing more than badly winded! 🤞🏻
  13. Keep it up PJT! Just found this thread and read with great interest and will continue to follow your progress. I too have a Fanatec setup which I struggled with setting up correctly recently so will be interested to see the tweaks a CM insider and more experienced sim racer continues to make to his setup. I'm trying to work out how to catch the guys in the forum club and have no idea how they've gotten so fast so might have a dabble at your control stage and see what time I can get. Good luck!
  14. BluecatRally

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Jebus indeed. if you're spinning and still that fast I think I may as well sell up now. For the first time with the sierra I felt I'd got a setup that was working ok. I also had some off road time penalties but only a few. If I could look at how I was driving and know what I was doing to be nearly a full 4 minutes down then rolling the sleeves up and getting on would seem more worthwhile. If you guys at the top are driving to the notes and not from memory, and aren't literally taking every cut on the stage then I just wish I knew what on earth I needed to do just to improve a little bit. I know I'm slow and learning, but in a world where a few seconds is an eternity where do I find 3 minutes over 7 stages, especially when I can just about compete with the AI on 100%. 😆. Come on guys, tell me where the NOS button is!?
  15. BluecatRally

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    I’m still finding my way in the club and didn’t appreciate how many people were taking part. 🙂 I’m hooked far more than I should be on this game so I’ll be hoping to take part in the whole championship and future ones. I’ll be looking out for you now on the next rally. Now, how to get some more traction out of this lump of Cossie...