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  1. Really liking the game (I also enjoyed D4, not sure why there's so much hate for it), and all the other games back to CMR1 back in '98. My favourite is still CMR3 where you took on McRae himself and drove flat out for three straight seasons in the '02 Focus (always got me why is the '01 Focus only ever available from CMR04-present when there was the choice of '01 and '02 in CMR3, anyone?). However, what's really killing me is the damage carry-over from one event to the other. There's seldom enough credits in my account to fix the car back to factory, so I start the event at a disadvantage to the other competitors. Maybe I should have bought the season pass or whatever it is to get credit drops but I haven't. I didn't realise the season passes etc. was a thing until after I'd got the game. Some of you may say that I should just use the default cars a la Lancia where you can get free repairs et al. and reap in the credits, but the truth is, and this may sound sacrilegious.. I'm not a fan of the old-skool rally cars like the Mini or Alpine from the 60s/70s. I much prefer the late 90s-2000s cars that I remember from watching rallying as a kid. I don't really want to waste time doing events in cars that I don't actually.. like. So I use the Focus, with the McRae livery, and get hammered at the beginning of the next event as I've apparently picked up too much damage. Shamefully I also bought the 206 on DLC, did a shakedown in it, crashed it and now I don't have enough credits to fix even that! So there you go; may we have an option to disable the continuation of damage from event to event? Please! Either that, or could we buy in-game credits as DLC? I'd happily do that too, would anyone else?
  2. Gegan

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Got it for xmas. Personally, I'm really enjoying it. Admittedly I have only played the GT class so far but one thing I would like to see is the option to turn off the Rolling Start. It's fine for stock car races but not for GT races IMO. The tyre degradation that was in Grid Autosport was good and I liked that, haven't come across it thus far in 2019 Grid as well as fixing damage after/before races. I mean, don't go the whole hog as in DR2 where the damage completely ruins you between rallies, but a halfway house. People clearly have high expectations, and maybe they should; Forza Motorsport is decent, but it misses out on some things like qualifying and damage repair but throws in gimmicks such as "mods" that do little to add to the experience. Either way, I'm enjoying it and I'm hopeful that some of the features missing will be added at a later date.