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  1. Boom1234567890

    Quick multiplayer update

    Hello, I have grid for the Nintendo switch. The split screen mode is a lot of fun, only a lot needs to be patched. The Ki is much too strong at the beginning. there should be setting specifications that can then be corrected. The starting position setting should be fixed, because you never start as you set it (reverse order). If the Ki drives with only 3 tires, it still drives in first place. The Ki hardly makes mistakes, if it rams you, you fly away, the reverse is not possible. if you are broken, can no longer drive and have not been eliminated. you can only restart, even though the other player has finished. it should be like this when the penultimate car has reached the finish line is 10 seconds later. it would also be nice if you can drive qualifying and thus also change the setting of the car.
  2. Boom1234567890

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hello, I have grid for the Nintendo switch. The multiplayer is great, but can it be that the KI performance was set too difficult? we have big problems to keep up with beginners with the Ki. can the KI be screwed down a bit? in case it doesn't matter. it would also be cool if there was a qualifying in the split-screen race. thanks for an answer