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  1. XenialJ

    Something is coming closer...

    Actually yeah you don't even have to take their word for it. Just google "perth and kinross rally something is here" for yourself. Google hasn't updated its search results yet. For me it's the first result, exactly like MJV's capture above. Feeling a little sorry for whoever at CM goofed that up. :) You can imagine their thoughts.. "It was only 5 minutes!! Maybe no-one s.... who am I kidding :/"
  2. XenialJ

    Something is coming closer...

    Good spot m260602. :D I'll laugh if you're trolling though. :) Given the way you can only see about 10m ahead, I too felt like I was looking at Finland.
  3. Damn, that's lame. Not just double-dipping, but you can't receive the double-dipped purchase. I say that thinking of people like me who don't have the packed cars in their garage anymore. They're being paid for again, they should be given again. (And this is the only way get those zero-stats historics.)
  4. XenialJ

    Something is coming closer...

    I would get excited if the trailer hinted at a new interface or career mode. I'm not a hardcore player so I'm not hyped by an extra car. A new track would be nice. Being able to know if clicking a partially progressed weekly from the Events screen will force me to race or just tell me what's next would be nicer.
  5. XenialJ

    Missing Cars/can't do challenges

    The R5s are the most expensive class. If his garage is empty + he's locked out of season events then he's looking at very limited daily options and probably near 100 career races to grind up 650K for one car.
  6. XenialJ

    Missing Cars/can't do challenges

    If all the additional content is unlocked in Time Trial it doesn't sound like the purchase failed. Rather, the purchase wasn't set correctly in CM's databases. If you can drive a Kit Car in Finland, the game knows the purchase happened. I doubt it is possible for MS to offer a Year One Pass that is anything other than what CM says is a Year One Pass, based on that same item being standard across all retail platforms (PS Store, Xbox store, MS, Steam). So regardless of whether CM's databases didn't apply your purchases correctly, or MS's systems do not actually deliver the advertised content properly, it looks like a technical issue between MS and CM, not MS and you. It really shows some nerve imo for CM to tell a customer to sort it out. And when they told you they can't do anything, I very much doubt they even checked that their system set the purchase correctly or knows it was a Year One Pass. Did they elaborate on what they looked into? I would: 1. Reply to CM and basically dial up the tone. What did they check, why did they think they shouldn't look any further, why do they think it's a customer's job to check up on one of their retailers. I'd point out the game clearly knows the purchase happened, so something has clearly gone wrong between retailer and CM, not retailer and you. I'd also point out who's getting whose money. They'll either respond to the tone or they won't and nothing lost. If that fails, then the following at the same time: 2. Ping PJTierney here on these boards. Not that this is his area, but he does represent the company and the company's normal channels are blowing you off. 3. Contact whoever your country's watchdog is and simply start those communications. It's not about making a huge complaint and expecting their immediate action; all they'll tell you at first is to just email CM again. It's simply about starting a plain process that probably wouldn't need to be completed because the problem would (we assume) get resolved first. But the sooner a company sees a customer calmly but genuinely escalating, the sooner that company gives their issue proper attention. That all sounds dramatic but it isn't. It's about progressing an issue quickly through normal means when a company is stalling.
  7. XenialJ

    Missing Cars/can't do challenges

    He put a massive picture showing his year 1 pass ... You probably need customer service. Email custservice@codemasters.com . For your R5 issue, you'd have to tell us what happens when you try.
  8. XenialJ

    Obtaining brand new historic car

    And yet, people who buy the cars with money (in season bundles or otherwise) get those historic cars in their garage with 0 kms. I hate having some cars that keep a record of what I've driven, and some that do but really don't.
  9. XenialJ

    Something is coming closer...

    Put me down for more rallies, not fussed about cars. I'd like enhancements to the RX mode in general, but it doesn't need new tracks.
  10. I wish I could give the topic more likes. Nothing in DR2 annoys me more than the 10 different situations throughout the interface where I can't see what on earth is coming next. You often don't even know if clicking something is going to drop you straight into a race, or a service area, and if it's the race you are outright forced to sit there and drive it -- or throw the event. And that's just from the main menu. Mid-event you can't check the rest of the championship, or even that event half the time. Online lobbies are even worse... you can't see what's next, how big the championship is, who's readied up, and so on. You even frequently find yourself choosing a car not knowing what the track is. Legit nothing in DR2 annoys me more. It is blow-my-head-off irritating, over and over again.
  11. The difficulty in seeing what's coming up is a huge pain in the butt in so many points of the game's interface. It is perpetual annoyance.
  12. XenialJ

    More online events with DLC cars and tracks

    Meanwhile this is what S1/S2 owners saw: Can't enter. Can't enter. Can't enter. Can't enter. Can enter. Can't enter. Can enter. Can't enter. Can enter. Can't enter. Can enter. AI. AI. AI.
  13. XenialJ

    DIRT RALLY 3.0 : locations you want back

    Just Australia. New Zealand can come too. :)
  14. XenialJ

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    The TOS are a product of design, not the source. Blame the decisions behind them that really led to the restrictions this time round, and acknowledge that ACAT was an awesome thing in DR1. People got to enjoy it because of a decision someone made that it was allowed. Even online. Blame what changed that for DR2. I imagine that if the TOS were changed to also say "No liveries" you would think that's a poor rule. The game and experience for many players would suffer for that rule and I doubt you would disagree. And if you, already capable of changing liveries without affecting anything online, were to then go ahead and do that I wouldn't call you a bad guy. I would say good on you; you've made the game much cooler for yourself. And should you then make that available to others I would still say good on you; you've brought more joy to many players and the modding scene would be flourishing thanks to the time you put in. And if Codies were to then shut that down because of the TOS, I'd judge the decision-makers behind it, not you. It's a different story of course if you're deliberately creating a means to effectively pirate. If Codies sold liveries as part of DLC, and you're making liveries freely available, blocking your mod is definitely understandable. Is that what we're talking about here when you condemn ACAT and physics mods? No. Because ACAT has a respectable history and I guarantee, and you know it, that KolysioN would be pushing ACAT just as much if the DLC restrictions remained just as intact. That broke between DR1 and DR2, and KolysioN wasn't the one who broke it. Codies already knew what ACAT was when they designed DR2. They knew people were enjoying it in DR1. Then they went ahead with a system architecture that gets ACAT and DLC tangled up together. So whether your interest be skins or ACAT, that's where you could be directing your disappointment. This is a thread about physics and I don't even know how you tie physics into it. Rally sim enthusiasts are all about physics mods; they're a part of the legacy of RBR and DR1, and DR2 is a great place, if not the place, for that to continue. What could you hold against people who enjoy that? You want them punished? Are you serious? If being anti-physics-mods really is just you championing the TOS (and maybe it's not, I don't know, you didn't explain further), then it really does just look like a selfish case of "You shouldn't enjoy your mods so I can enjoy mine". Physics modders didn't break your liveries. Blame the right people. And reality isn't why people complain about the physics. Spain is.
  15. I haven't played on the consoles but I'd assume it's true for all platforms.