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  1. I think it's the latter. It just honestly feels like a capacity issue, and I am guessing that that's what everyone here suspects. I do not think it's some weird bug that Codies just can't figure out, but rather, it's just that Racenet was already notoriously poor from the start and wasn't made to handle the load it has now. It bombed with an influx of PSN players that CM already knew were coming, and it drops out repeatedly for a % of players every 24 hours, predictably. It looks pretty clear. If that's the case (that it's just load), the decision-makers at CM will be asking one thin
  2. It needs to be clear that the outages are only 50% of the problem. If it was just Racenet failing it wouldn't be so bad. But the other 50% of the problem is the stupid design that someone at CM greenlit: to nuke a player's progress every time there's a connectivity issue. If you guys are going to implement forced-online again, put at least some effort or budget into making it not a player-hostile pain in the arse. Even the network delays between menus - some of which don't even contain networked data - are just bad design that any big company should be embarrassed
  3. Took 30 seconds to enter My Team; a screen with 3 boxes on it and no networked data. Then 45 more seconds to enter the Events screen. Then 23 seconds for a leaderboard to try and fail. Even with forced connectivity, this implementation is Will Ferrell levels of not even mad. Edit - Oh, and I can't start any events. Steam, Australia.
  4. Seriously are we still doing this. Can't even repair because of a network issue. Genius.
  5. Can't reach the leaderboards now either (Australia). I tend to agree with the earlier suggestion that nothing was actually done last night; they just looked at it until enough people went to sleep. It makes me wonder if the intended course of action from here is simply to wait until the PS4 influx is over. Since it's related, it has to be asked: Why on earth does the game download literally 2 bytes of a leaderboard at a time? You scroll maybe 10 results and it makes you wait again while it phones home for barely a handful more. Even on the very best day it's impossible to
  6. They would have to implement several new pieces of functionality for that to be possible, and test them. I'd guess maybe 1-2 months work.
  7. There's not even a good reason de-sync'd progress should delete all progress. When the server and HDD say different things, why should it remove all progress instead of just reverting to the server's version?
  8. Yeah Time Trials can be run, but no leaderboards access so pointless doing it.
  9. Not totally related but this did lead to another Pinned topic over on the Steam forums. PJTierney, once this is over could you please dial down the number of pinned topics there? The main page currently only has room for 10 other threads before they fall off the page. (Steam forums are admittedly a bit primitive.)
  10. Scotland definitely too foggy, but switch to a wet stage. Looks much better. Of course then yeah you have to drive in the wet.
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