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  1. One of the guys over on Steam has started running a few clubs called Survivathons. Each event is basically all 4 of the country's long stages, run 3 times for varying weather and time of day. So 12 stages per event in total, and yep the kicker is that there are zero service areas once you've started. You have to get through 12 full-length stages without any repairs. ... which means first-stage moments like this are pretty hairy! The H3 Survivathon has recently begun and unsurprisingly, not a lot of people are keen to jump in. So I thought I'd give it a plug here: The Steam thread is here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/4420805388071323757 And the club itself to join is here: https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/354019 Assists are off, external cameras are on. It covers the original 6 DR2 locations, so base-game owners can jump in too. Each event is 1 week, and we're still in the 1st event with 5 days left. Other Survivathons are running as well; the H1 and H2 Survivathons are in their 2nd or 3rd events right now. As you might guess, they are going through the classes from oldest to youngest. More Survivathons will be added after the H3, but not until some of the current ones finish due to each one requiring ~2 hours per week. An overview thread to see all of them is here. Oh and I'm not hot stuff btw. I'm in the H3 'athon with the Stratos, so far 8 wall grazes after 4 stages and my first real run with manual lel. :D Anyone keen to see how they really go at keeping their H3 alive for 12 full stages? :D
  2. XenialJ

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    Firstly, lay off making up assumptions about my thinking. I was thinking (and writing) in terms of software design, not who deserves what. That out of the way, you can say your two points about anything. As with everything there's a limit and the point I made is that they're over it. For any large software project you don't forsee guaranteed small updates and just accept that tying tens of gigabytes together at a time for even small tweaks is the design to go with. Their skill is way beyond what's needed to do that better. But yes if they actually don't own the engine source then it's fair enough they can't change things.
  3. XenialJ

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    I get that, but knowing it doesn't make it good. If the system is looking at multi-GB updates for tweaks, more work should have gone into decoupling things. 19GB for fixes is just over the top; it's just trading software engineer effort (the guys who get paid) for customer annoyance (the guys who pay).
  4. XenialJ

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    Accidental multipost.
  5. XenialJ

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    First 6 threads in Steam:
  6. I think it's the latter. It just honestly feels like a capacity issue, and I am guessing that that's what everyone here suspects. I do not think it's some weird bug that Codies just can't figure out, but rather, it's just that Racenet was already notoriously poor from the start and wasn't made to handle the load it has now. It bombed with an influx of PSN players that CM already knew were coming, and it drops out repeatedly for a % of players every 24 hours, predictably. It looks pretty clear. If that's the case (that it's just load), the decision-makers at CM will be asking one thing: "Will the expense of upgrading be less than the money made back from happier customers?" If no, they won't upgrade. And I think that's a very, very, very likely no. And that's a situation that certainly wouldn't be something PJTierney could announce. It's not even shifting that much network traffic so it really is a poor effort. Dirt Rally 2.0 pushes literally a small number of RX races that need real-time updating while everything else is tiny amounts of data for times and connections. RX aside, establishing connections has got to be the hardest thing Racenet has to do. Is it running on someone's Pentium II or something? Just buy another Pentium guys, please.
  7. It needs to be clear that the outages are only 50% of the problem. If it was just Racenet failing it wouldn't be so bad. But the other 50% of the problem is the stupid design that someone at CM greenlit: to nuke a player's progress every time there's a connectivity issue. If you guys are going to implement forced-online again, put at least some effort or budget into making it not a player-hostile pain in the arse. Even the network delays between menus - some of which don't even contain networked data - are just bad design that any big company should be embarrassed by. It even has to phone back to Racenet each time you only want to view another 15-ish leaderboard results, for Christ's sake. How did someone design, implement, and demonstrate this to the team without feeling a bit awkward? How did downloading the leaderboards in such small pieces reduce the workload at all compared to downloading sensible amounts of it at a time? It's almost as if there was some kind of early recognition of a need to shave off every ounce of network traffic to minimise server load at every possible moment ... ...
  8. Took 30 seconds to enter My Team; a screen with 3 boxes on it and no networked data. Then 45 more seconds to enter the Events screen. Then 23 seconds for a leaderboard to try and fail. Even with forced connectivity, this implementation is Will Ferrell levels of not even mad. Edit - Oh, and I can't start any events. Steam, Australia.
  9. Seriously are we still doing this. Can't even repair because of a network issue. Genius.
  10. Can't reach the leaderboards now either (Australia). I tend to agree with the earlier suggestion that nothing was actually done last night; they just looked at it until enough people went to sleep. It makes me wonder if the intended course of action from here is simply to wait until the PS4 influx is over. Since it's related, it has to be asked: Why on earth does the game download literally 2 bytes of a leaderboard at a time? You scroll maybe 10 results and it makes you wait again while it phones home for barely a handful more. Even on the very best day it's impossible to scroll through the leaderboards. It's such a ridiculous design when downloading the whole table of times would still be unnoticeable, while providing instant navigation.
  11. They would have to implement several new pieces of functionality for that to be possible, and test them. I'd guess maybe 1-2 months work.
  12. Still not working here. (Australia)
  13. There's not even a good reason de-sync'd progress should delete all progress. When the server and HDD say different things, why should it remove all progress instead of just reverting to the server's version?