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  1. TBevan27

    F1 2019 update 1.18 issue.

    @BarryBL Thank you for the suggestions, but I’ve tried those and have gotten no success, what I’ve tried is uninstalling the game, then re-inserting the disc which essentially takes it back to version 1.00 before the update finishes downloading and the game works fine in that version. So the only thing I can think is that there’s an issue with version 1.18? Thank you.
  2. TBevan27

    F1 2019 update 1.18 issue.

    Hi @BarryBL Whenever I open the game and reach the start screen the game crashes. The same has opened every since I’ve updated the game to version 1.18. In terms of the error message it says, “an error has occurred in the following application, error code CE-34878-0”. I play on the pad. IMG_1873.MP4
  3. TBevan27

    F1 2019 update 1.18 issue.

    I’ve attempted to reinstall the game many times and have reset the console also, it can’t be an issue with my console because this is the only game I have an issue on.
  4. TBevan27

    F1 2019 update 1.18 issue.

    @1512marcel I’m playing on the PS4, I’ve only recently had the game, the issue has been with me since I’ve had it.
  5. TBevan27

    F1 2019 update 1.18 issue.

    Apologies I’m playing on the PS4
  6. Since installing the 1.18 patch the game has crashed every time I’ve opened it. It reaches the ‘communicating with servers’ screen and then crashes, it was working fine before the update. Has anyone else got this issue, and is there any idea when the next patch is coming out so it could potentially be fixed.