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    Next Series Idea

    Hello, I would like to talk about a big idea that came up to me one day I was playing on my PS4. I have this unique game called Driveclub which was released by Evolution Studios in 2014, but there was one problem, they had taken the game off from the store since the studio was defunct in 2016, and they had no money to keep it up online. So I went online and researched more about this issue, and saw also that the DLC's could no longer be bought as well, I went up to google and searched about this studio and saw that instead of being called Evolution Studios, it was now Codemasters EVO. This could mean a lot to Codemasters and all, it could mean that Driveclub or even Driveclub Bikes could be released for other platforms, Driveclub could go so much better, even running in PC and XBOX. On PC, this game would look even more gorgeous, if it looks beautiful on PS4, it would make it a Mona Lisa on PC. Just look at this video and see how it looks. Not only that, this could mean that Driveclub could be Driveclub 2, Driveclub 3 and so on.

    Colin McRae: DiRT

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647261757 or https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/3825-colin-mcrae-dirt-1-how-to-fix-the-game-if-it-crashes-when-starting-a-race/
  3. I've been facing many problems with Games for Windows Live with F1 2011, the biggest of them has been trying to start it up, when I launch F1 2011 on Steam, it starts normally and all, but then when it loads in the game, it appears loading into Games For Windows Live and if I press anywhere on the screen, the game will freeze and I will have to restart my PC, I experience all of this in any Codemasters game that uses Games For Windows Live like Dirt 2 and F1 2011. The only way I can launch the game without that problem coming up is setting my PC in airplane mode and when the game launches, I gotta go back to my desktop and enable wifi back again. Also, I have another question, are servers for F1 2011 still up? I would be impressed if they did.