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  1. PistoPete555

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Cabooky8 - Xbox one
  2. PistoPete555

    How to use ERS?

    Its always good to save just enough for a hot lap on your final lap. See Lando at the Austrian GP for prime example
  3. PistoPete555

    Pit exit problem in cockpit view

    I race cockpit view and you cant see the release light and always lose time No good online In leagues where pit assist is banned
  4. PistoPete555

    TT suggestion

    It would be great to be able to see other players laps in TT. I appreciate it’s not likely possible to upload a video from each and every user but it would be cool to be able to watch a stream of the fastest laps of each track in game rather than have to rely on youtube videos.
  5. PistoPete555

    Racing line assist

    So I eventually took the plunge and turned off racing line assist last night. MUCH easier than I expected. I’ve lost a second or two initially but I expect to recover that fairly quickly and go faster still. I’m finding it much easier to use the full width of the track without the distraction of a thick green/red line running through it so now just a case of finding the perfect braking points and I reckon I will be flying! Its more fun too!
  6. PistoPete555

    Charity event

    Yeah of course need to think of a charity, since thats the point. But no it would be just me racing, thinking of getting a second person to tag team with me. i’ve found a company who provides simulator kit for charity events so going to contact them. Good idea about 50% races.
  7. PistoPete555

    Charity event

    If I can get the sponsorship and generosity of a company to loan me the kit, I am looking to do a 24 hour racing event on F12019, for a as yet unchosen charity. I can't decide on the best format though. I.E. Whether to full races, TT, career mode or a mix. I think something like 24 hours of Monaco (or a different track) on TT sounds most appealing, but as the racer, 24hrs of the same track will get tedious. Thoughts and ideas?
  8. PistoPete555

    "Do You Feel Like I Do?"

    I feel you bro. There are times when I feel i've reached my peak and can't get any faster but be persistent. You may actually be improving way more than you realise. You won't really notice improving by the 1/2 tenths a lap over a few hours, but when those hours go back months and you look back what your time was then, then you might find that you're way faster than before. I've started to keep track of my fastest times and can tell you in 3 months i've took 6 seconds off Monaco. Barely notice any improvement at the time though.