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  1. Updating for the guy who'll have the same issue and look on 450 forums just like I was not long ago : Buying a new PSU solved my problem and it appears to be that in a majority of similar cases. Don't bother too much with troubleshootings like I did.
  2. Updating for the guy who'll have the same issue and look on 450 forums just like I was not long ago : Buying a new PSU solved my problem and it appears to be that in a majority of similar cases. Don't bother too much with troubleshootings like I did.
  3. I found out how to fix it : go in My Documents/My Games/F1 2020, delete both folders hardwaresettings and benchmarks. Relaunch the game. Dunnow how did it come from though.
  4. Thanks ! In the meantime, as the Recovery Tool erased pretty much of the installation in the end, I performed another 2004 clean install. And yes I can confirm that Trackmania and F1 2020 run just fine (despite some strange graphics bug I never had on the latter) without crash for the moment. I don't know if it's a question of time (maybe Windows gets overwhelmed somehow somewhere at some point) or of installed programs (I may have forced my way into Photoshop but still it cohabited fine for a few days) but in the beginning, everything works. That's why I don't think it's abou
  5. I understand all that but then how come it worked just yesterday. It was the same drivers, the same windows version, the same game version etc. And even if they wanna push me to upgrade it isnt supposed not to be playable at all Also, interseting (lol) to note that time trial, and so in game engine doesn't crash. I'm able to run as much laps I want in time trial, but I can't launch a GP nor a My Team mode. Maybe it's about the engine when in barracks of the paddock interface... But still it crashes on trakmania so I dont expect any logic.
  6. Crashes still happen with Turbo Mode disabled Thanks, I'll use that for a new clean install if restore point doesnt work But anyway, do you still think it can be a hardware problem even if it worked sometimes before january and then worked again (for a time) on a clean install ?
  7. I had tried the BIOS update (on your suggestion already) and the SSD firmwares update too. I had no choice but to take the 2004 Windows version in the Creation Tool :/ But it worked fine for 5 days of troubleshooting, 3 hours of F1 2020 and 10 of Trackmania. And all of a sudden today it came back. Can it still be windows ? On my way to the BIOS disabling Turbo mode then
  8. Good morning, I have been able to play F1 2020 for one day but now it is just crashing everytime I launch my team (just after the loading screen). I experience this issue when the computer restarts without BSOD nor a particular crash, it just restarts as if I asked it to. In the event viewer, the only thing being said is Critical Error, Kernel-Power, event 41 category 63, keyword (70368744177664),(2). It doesn't indicate much though, if I'm right, as it only says that the previous reboot was not meant to happen. I had already had this issue on F1 2019. For which I did this topi
  9. I can't even load a gameplay mode, it crashes as soon as I get into the main menu. I feel like I've tried everything on a software basis, updated everything, rolled back on versions where it worked. Except the new 2004 Windows 10 that my computer doesn't suggest me. So I've got several questions : - Is it safe to "force" this Windows update here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 ? - Now am I sure that it is a hardware-related issue ? - But can it only be hardware-related if it works properly and never crashes when I push the computer to its limits
  10. Hi again, the issue came back :( Same old Event 41 Kernel Power, it happens on the new Trackmania too now. Haven't changed anything on my PC since the first time I came. Tried a couple of things like updating SSD firmware but nothing worked, I feel like it's endless... Also, I had the impression that there were crashes only when I was not on a updated Windows version and that's the case today as I have not installed 2004 W10 from May, but my Windows Update won't propose it to me and keeps to say my computer is up to date.
  11. So it turns out a country under lockdown kinda helps with having time to play games and test them. I've not been playing that much but I still think thanks to the couple of past weeks that both 2K and F1 games are fully stabilized. I had no crash at all in any games since I updated BIOS.
  12. Sooo I tried myself in a BIOS update Hopefully got it right, format USB key to FAT32, BIOS on MSI website etc, followed guide but anyway it was only one way forward inside bios. Only thing is on the first restart Windows said "starting diagnostic". It kinda rose my heartbeat but then everything started as usual so I guess it's ok. I've played some 2K (since it was really systematically crashing recently and happened no more on F1 2019) and it DID work. I guess it's still too soon to affirm anything but it's quite encouraging. I've set up an alarm to make me think of
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