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  1. mcfc4heatons

    F1 2020 Split screen

    Yes and false promises of GRID 2019 split screen - it looks like that will never happen now - it seems we were all sold GRID 2019 on false pretences.
  2. mcfc4heatons

    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    I'm guessing no split screen?
  3. mcfc4heatons

    F1 2020 - Split Screen on PC?

    Will F1 2020 have split screen for PC? I read it will but don't want to get my hopes given what happened with the last GRID release
  4. mcfc4heatons

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    Have to say, once I got into it, I have really enjoyed this latest GRID game - it's just a real shame that I can play split screen with my sons/ I hope codemasters reverse this trend of removing split screen
  5. mcfc4heatons

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    For the record, I still think GRID 2019 is a really fun game, I love driving the MINIs, braking really late & flinging them round corners or sometimes setting damage to visual & driving like a maniac, the nemesis feature is cool too. Split screen with friends & family would be so much fun with this game. The big issue was/is no split screen after seemingly it was promised. All the geeks keep telling us splitscreen is thing of the past, thats a problem to me & sends the wrong message to young people. Project Cars is not a replacement for GRID, never will be.
  6. mcfc4heatons

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    Its a thing of a past if you like sitting in a roon your own ....
  7. mcfc4heatons

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    I know which ones have it, as I have them all. As far as I understand it Codemasters promised split screen would be added post launch to GRID 2019. I'm wondering when, if ever that will happen? GRID: No split screem but does have LAN multiplayer GRID 2: Has 2 player split screen GRID Autosport: Has 2 player split screen Dirt 3: has 2 player split screen Dirt 4: Dropped split screen, so no more Dirt games for me GRID 2019: No split screen so far, bought because I'd read somewhere before releaae it would have split screen, since then I read split screen wold be added post release ..... Who knows....
  8. When I lauch the game it plays a really annoying intro video which I don't seem to be able to skip, then I'm taken straight into a race, probably meant to be a practise? Once the practise race kicks in I can then exit to main menu and set up a custom race - which is what I want to do in the first place! 1) Any way to skip the intro video 2) Any way to skip the opening race that I'm taken to automatically without any prompt or choice? 3) Why can't I just go straight to main menu when I launch the game? Playing on PC BTW Thanks ...
  9. Hello - I was led to believe GRiD 2019 will be getting split screen like the previous two versions of GRID had - when is this feature likely to be added? Thanks
  10. I have a weird glitch where a stronger impact with force feedback on causes a weird graphics gitch when using my Logitech G920 Steering Wheel. Sorry its a bit of a vague description I don't know how else to describe it other then the graphics are messed up for a few seconds each time I get strong force feedback vibration. My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1660, StormX - 6GB if thats any help? Thanks