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  1. Just curious if anyone has tried splitscreen local multiplayer with dual displays on GRID 2 or GRID Autosport ... Would they run for example at 3840 x 2880 (two 3840 x 1440 displays) with a good graphics card ??
  2. I can't post in the DIRT 5 forum, the option is greyed out and I don't know why. I'm wondering if Dirt 5 (PC version) split screen will work in a dual screen set up of two 2560x1440 monitors in a 2560x2880 configuration?
  3. Hi - what dual screen set up have people got for split screen racing? Wondering what the highest supported resolution is possible beyond x 1920x1080 monitors, for example will two 2560 x 1440 monitors be OK?
  4. A lot of people really the simcade formula .. personally I think the game is great fun.... Just don't like being promised split screen and not getting it...
  5. I like the simcade formula and I like GRID 2019, it's fun. However, had I not been under the impression that split screen was to follow I would have never bought GRID 2019.
  6. GRiD 2 has split screen ..... It more arcade racing too, big slides and drifting, I'd say it's the closest to GRID 2019 in that respect.
  7. GRID 2019 does not have split screen, prior to launch we were told it would be added at a later date
  8. The point is, it was promised ..... And you'll find a lot of people wanted it and bought the game under false pretences....
  9. I think the point is a lot of us bought GRIS 2019 with the false promise of split screen at a later date. I only buy racing games with split screen so am very disappointed .... I really like the game don't get me wrong but I don't like being taken for a mug ....... In the UK this would be a trading standards matter i.e. false advertising....
  10. I love the game too, but feel robbed of no split screen ... A lot of us were under the impression we'd be getting split screen at a later date and might explain why the GRID team are quiet on this ....
  11. I don't think we'll get another Grid though??? ... My understating is PC3 is going down more of a simcade route that so could mean no more GRID?
  12. There was some misinformation out there before the launch of GRID 2019 stating there would be split screen at a later date, I do not know if it was false promises from Codemasters or third parties giving out the wrong information. I actually really like GRID 2019, it grew on me and its a perfect arcade racer for split screen. It doesn't seem like split screen will ever happen now, which is a shame and I am sure it would result in a surge in sales of the game.
  13. Yes and false promises of GRID 2019 split screen - it looks like that will never happen now - it seems we were all sold GRID 2019 on false pretences.
  14. Have to say, once I got into it, I have really enjoyed this latest GRID game - it's just a real shame that I can play split screen with my sons/ I hope codemasters reverse this trend of removing split screen
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