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  1. Forgot all about the last few rallies and just about managed to fit this one in before it timed out, post Christmas malaise melting my brain! Had been running steady in 5th but had to grab a bite to eat and when I returned I’d lost my rhythm and run wide into dopey safety unaware spectators not once but twice for a pair of resets to show. Does anyone know what time penalty is for a crowd reset?
  2. That rally for me was just about trying to avoid the titanium road edges and the punctures that surely follow, which is all the more difficult using cockpit view but such is life in the pursuit of immersion! Was largely successful in that I got to the end puncture free but was very unsatisfying to have to drive so cautiously.
  3. I reckon if you keep doing the dailies, weeklies etc it’s as good a practice as any as you’ll have a well rounded experience of driving different cars in various locations. Doing the dailies is about as much practice as I can fit in and while I’m nowhere as fast as the top guys here I can jump into a club with only a shakedown and get to the finish usually in one piece and get a decent enough result for me. Main thing is to enjoy it and you’ll find yourself in individual battles with those around you either side of the leaderboard.
  4. Got a good clean run round Poland for a nice chance, drove it like I’d to pay for the damage and while not fast, was safe and consistent, which was good enough for 3rd when I finished. (May not end up 3rd by time others have finished though). The manta is definitely strong over a full rally when deg is taken into account, it’s living up to my suspicions of it so far. Not really the car for time trial records but over a full rally it’s as strong as any of the others.
  5. I keep forgetting that this club ends early, others I’m in end Sunday, I’ll have to pull finger out and get run in, only few hours left to do so
  6. I didn’t even think to check service details and had fitted softs! somehow managed to keep everything pointed in right direction but had to knock back pace accordingly, so overall happy how rally went for me. made it more interesting
  7. Was going ok till night stage, clipped bank, rolled, puncture. Then clipped a twig and got another puncture stage 5 and rage quit! First time my fault, 2nd time too much for my temper!
  8. If that’s the class I think I’ll go for the manta, def not the fastest but will give me a better chance to finish and hopefully will be consistent over the season. I’ll try to do the whole season this time if it’s gonna be rwd.
  9. Ill try to jump in too, so long as the class is interesting, ie NOT R5
  10. This gunpowder thread ranks up there among the most pointless I’ve read in quite a while
  11. Strangely enough I find the ffb in dr2 to be nigh on perfect, pretty much feels like steering in most cars I’ve driven. Although I do run tactile on my rig so I’m getting plenty of road feel as well from that.
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