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  1. Frankiestail

    Dirt Rally 2.0 PS5 - Car flickering

    Very odd, I too am on ps5 play only in cockpit view and having no problems with driving and replay. Note that my games on external hard drive and playing on on a benq monitor with vrr, although afaik vrr isn’t yet active on ps5. Only thing I can think to check is hdmi lead as they can give odd hiccups like this.
  2. Frankiestail

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    If this clubs still running with a week to do rally I’d like an odd outing. Cant find you on clubs website, what’s it called these days?
  3. Frankiestail

    622 - Brand New Club with Brand New Idea

    That’s strangely enough the first time I attempted a whole rally with the 205 t16, I’ve only ever chanced it before on a daily single stage. Pretty much just was a rally of trying to survive in that lively wee bugger, feels much faster than the lancia though it would take a more talented driver to get the speed out of it. Enjoyable all the same. Sadly didn’t get the time for Monte Carlo but I’ll try to fit in Scotland in the Datsun, it’ll should be a more chilled ride!
  4. Frankiestail

    Roads are too small/skinny

    The issue is lack of fov adjustment on console, making the roads seem too narrow. Wrc9 has fov adjustment on console, making narrower stages more manageable than the ones in dirt rally 2 with its fixed fov. Mind you in saying that I love dirt rally even with its less than ideal fov for my 32” monitor just behind steering wheel.
  5. Frankiestail

    622 - Brand New Club with Brand New Idea

    Where do I find info for recommended car? Im on ps5 so not sure if I can view steam forum. Thanks for running this club with such a great selection of cars. I much prefer the older cars in dr2, much more immersive with H shifter and also cockpit view is much better in older cars, especially since on console we can’t adjust fov! edit. Found your post over on steam, I can follow along from there
  6. Frankiestail

    622 - Brand New Club with Brand New Idea

    Jumped into latest rally in Scotland, picked the Porsche, hope that was right choice?
  7. Frankiestail

    IMOKO - Club for the history of rallying

    That’s a really nice selection of cars you’ve picked there, if only there were more hours in the day for me to have a go. I might try to do a few of them, not that I’ll trouble the leaderboards much!
  8. Frankiestail

    Psychology of Rally - questions and a video

    Might be a good idea to turn off all onscreen hud, especially the stage progress one and direction arrows. As well as being more immersive, you’ll not feel pressure when stage is about to end, also listening to co driver prompts only will focus your eyes on the road instead of the corner prompts which I find distracting.
  9. Frankiestail

    Project Cars 3 for Global Civilisation

    On the flip side of this, do you think that the codemasters influence of two separate dirt franchises could be passed on to project cars to insure a full sim and another arcade title, thus keeping each side happy without upsetting the other?
  10. Frankiestail

    Slow in fast out = you lose! Good day sir!

    Also add to this to turn of hud as one glance away from the road is enough to put you backwards into a tree!
  11. Frankiestail

    Codemasters secures World Rally Championship license from 2023

    Oh thank you sweet lord! I actually tried playing a bit of wrc8 last night and the choppy frame rates made me car sick, had to turn it off after 5 minutes. And I don’t even suffer vr sickness playing dirt rally with psvr. Please make this support psvr on ps5 going forward.
  12. Frankiestail

    American English Co Driver

    Hard time with accents? Ken Block seems to manage ok with Alex Gelsomino! most of the time.....
  13. Frankiestail

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Thought prompt would appear when still moving. Thanks to all for sensible suggestions to help me out here
  14. Frankiestail

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Yes!!! This was it, I experimented and that seems to have been my issue all along. Can’t believe I hadn’t that figured out, probably because I’ve only really ever bothered with dailies, never bothered much with career, so never had much experience of fixing punctures. Thanks for pointing this one out, every days a school day!
  15. Frankiestail

    DiRTy Gossip

    So sms perhaps?