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  1. Hey :) So, I purchased GRID Autosport a few days ago in the Steam sale. It runs really well on my quite old non-gaming PC (even better than GRID 2 with better graphical quality. What is this magic? :P ) but I have a question. Because the game is so new to me (though I have played Grid 1, 2 and the new GRID), I've been playing around. Testing the graphics quality, car handling and damage physics. One of the things I tried to do was... well, I set up a race on the Indianapolis oval ring, and turned my car around so I was driving the track in reverse and I could have a big crash and reach 100% damage (very good for testing particles and the damage, I think :) ) In some of the crashes I had, when I viewed the replays, they seemed to 'end' before the crash was actually over. Because I'm playing on PC, and I'm not bound by mortal laws, I'm wondering if there's a file or value I can alter that will make the relays last longer after receiving terminal damage. Here's an example of what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a506dgUI3Tg Like... the replay ended before my car had even hit the ground, and I'd have liked to know what happened after, if that makes sense?
  2. I dont know if this is a definitive thing, but a few times Ive noticed changing the livery type (e.g. motorsport, custom, etc.) seems to temporarily fix the scratches on the cars.
  3. LaurenXIV

    Leaderboard question

    Thank you! I used this yesterday. I don't usually watch my replays unless something unusual happens so I didn't know about this :) I think more of the leaderboard loads as you scroll down :) Also *she This may sound a little bit of a strange thing to ask, but does anyone have a time for the San Francisco Grand Prix Circuit B using GT Group 1 cars that they would be happy to share? I don't think time would be different between the consoles, but it would be interesting to know. If my time is terrible, then it's obviously a problem with the leaderboards. If my time is better... I don't know. I have no idea. Maybe I somehow succeeded despite general incompetence
  4. LaurenXIV

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    A few more ideas, mostly camera related. I think it would be nice to have a variable rewind rate for flashbacks and the ability to move both forward and back in time, and also maybe rotate the view around the car. It would make choosing the perfect time to continue playing more fun :) It would also be nice if we could rotate the camera around the car while paused while viewing a replay. I also think there could maybe be a camera option while viewing replays for almost all third person, motorsport-like perspective. I know we have a view mode that kinda cycles through a number of different options but it never seems to capture a good angle for me :(
  5. LaurenXIV

    Annoying bug since day 1 of Grid 2019

    I play on PS4 and I can also say that I can't change my race number :/ I haven't tried since the update though, but I think that was only an update for multiplayer.
  6. LaurenXIV

    Not On My Screen!

    I don't usually play multiplayer, I prefer singleplayer (and I don't ever want to communicate with anyone ever. Partially because of social anxiety, partially because I don't think any random player will have anything good to say in my experience), but I've definitely noticed some kind of delay and things happening when they shouldn't have happened. It's kinda common for me to overtake another player, and see them being knocked off-course or spin out because it's like the game thinks the cars collided, but I don't have any loss of control or even have any kind of vibration through the controller that would indicate any impact at all. So on my screen, I overtook them cleanly. On their screen, the rear end of my car must have pushed them aside and caused them to crash. I always feel bad, but there's nothing I can really do to stop it :/
  7. LaurenXIV

    Leaderboard question

    Hi :) So, I have a question about the way leaderboards work in this game. A few days ago, I had a race using the GT Group 1 cars in San Francisco, and after I finished I checked my place on the global leaderboard. It isn't something I usually do after I finish a race, partly because it only seems to appear on the first race after loading up the game on my PS4, but mostly because I'm not a competitive person overall. But the global leaderboard said... 29? I can't recall anything special about the race/lap, it just seemed... ordinary. So being 29th on a global leaderboard has to be a bug or other issue, right? I don't think I really, well... deserve to be that high?
  8. LaurenXIV

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Yup :) As someone who has only been aware this forum exists for a few days and has only interacted with people in three posts now, I probably don't know tooooo much about the people that played these games before me (I didn't even know Toca Race Driver was a thing). Buuuttt I'm not sure Star Wars is a bad analogy. It seems that they have quite a few things in common. You have an older product in a series that is kinda considered great (Star Wars episodes IV-VI, Grid 1), and a passionate, traditionalist fanbase that generally dislikes other entries and compares them negatively to the original product. I just personally love all of Star Wars. It isn't important to my point, but it's a thing. In many ways, the situation reminds me a little of my experience with a game called Just Cause 4. The fourth game is the only one I own (another gift - my fiancee is very good at choosing games I'll enjoy). It's generally considered to be not as good as the game that came before. The older fans focus on the features that have been lost between games, not the ones that have been gained. As someone completely new to that series, my experience with the game isn't anchored by the legacy of older products and as a newer player of the Grid games, it's kinda the same situation. It's brand loyalists vs a blind taste test in many ways imo. Yes, this newer game is different to the original Grid game in some ways. The damage isn't quite as strong, there are a few missing modes (Demolition derby, Le Mans, etc), but we have other things in return. Just like Star Wars imo, many of the older fans will never really allow themselves to enjoy newer products because they are so focused on the legacy of the originals. If there is something Ive learned in my time gaming, it's that video games need to constantly change and innovate to stay fresh. They need to change formulas and swap mechanics so that players dont become bored and generally think the games are stale. Like Assassin's Creed for example, I've played a few of them and they are generally the same game copy/pasted. Sure there are a few different mechanics and different locations but the core of the game is essentially the same. In more recent entries, they have changed things and made it more like an RPG and it's kinda energized the franchise again, though upset a few who prefer the way the games used to be. I think I'll always support innovation and changes in video games, even when it doesn't work in a way I enjoy. I won't always enjoy every game in a series, no matter how much I love it. Yes, there can be times where I wish newer games in a series I love were closer to the older ones. But if it wasn't for the changes, the franchises I care about wouldnt probably exist - they would have probably died due to dwindling players and unfavorable reviews. Personally, I love this new game. And the older one. I enjoy both :)
  9. LaurenXIV

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I think I've read it was a choice :) I remember reading an article about Grid's mechanics and they mentioned they wanted to portray a gritty realism of racing where nothing starts a race clean, or something similar :) Thank you for the welcome! And no worries, Im not offended :) I do think you're wrong though :/ I don't really believe "true fans" of something can exist. For me, it's either: you enjoy something = you're a fan, or you don't enjoy something = you're not a fan. People can vary in enthusiasm and dedication, sure, but it's the enjoyment they receive from something that is the most important thing, I think. For example, I've been a Star Wars fan for almost all of my life, and I would personally never say that someone who has only started to enjoy the movies recently isn't a true fan - it's our enjoyment of Star Wars that means we would both be fans in our own right. Everyone has to start somewhere :) It was my fiancee that gave me Grid for Christmas as a present, because she knows I own 2 of the earlier games already and I enjoy both :) So, I only own the game because I enjoy some of the same games as the older fans, even if I haven't played them for hundreds of hours each. That said, the handling in Grid 2 never really felt right to me, I'm not sure why :/ I think the new game is better for sure.
  10. LaurenXIV

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I'm loving Grid so far, I've completed both the Touring and Tuner classes in the career, and I've made some progress with the GT and Invitational classes too. I'm not a huge player of racing games, but Grid is my third game from the series after I received the first one for free on PC (though I play Grid on PS4) 🙂 For suggestions I think would make the game more fun, I think it would be really nice if we could have a toggle in the settings menu for the damage that cars start with at the beginning of a race. I kinda feel that they should start in perfect condition so you can see the paint degrade as you race. I kinda think a car starting with paint missing doesn't look very nice. I guess it's just a personal opinion though. I also think it would be nice to have some form of driver customization, even only a female/male toggle in the profile settings. The helmet designs seem to change to match the car already, but it would be nice to have a little more control over the way they look imo 🙂 I don't think I can think of any more suggestions 🙂