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  1. A few more ideas, mostly camera related. I think it would be nice to have a variable rewind rate for flashbacks and the ability to move both forward and back in time, and also maybe rotate the view around the car. It would make choosing the perfect time to continue playing more fun :) It would also be nice if we could rotate the camera around the car while paused while viewing a replay. I also think there could maybe be a camera option while viewing replays for almost all third person, motorsport-like perspective. I know we have a view mode that kinda cycles through a number of
  2. Yup :) As someone who has only been aware this forum exists for a few days and has only interacted with people in three posts now, I probably don't know tooooo much about the people that played these games before me (I didn't even know Toca Race Driver was a thing). Buuuttt I'm not sure Star Wars is a bad analogy. It seems that they have quite a few things in common. You have an older product in a series that is kinda considered great (Star Wars episodes IV-VI, Grid 1), and a passionate, traditionalist fanbase that generally dislikes other entries and compares them negatively to the origi
  3. I think I've read it was a choice :) I remember reading an article about Grid's mechanics and they mentioned they wanted to portray a gritty realism of racing where nothing starts a race clean, or something similar :) Thank you for the welcome! And no worries, Im not offended :) I do think you're wrong though :/ I don't really believe "true fans" of something can exist. For me, it's either: you enjoy something = you're a fan, or you don't enjoy something = you're not a fan. People can vary in enthusiasm and dedication, sure, but it's the enjoyment they receive from something tha
  4. I'm loving Grid so far, I've completed both the Touring and Tuner classes in the career, and I've made some progress with the GT and Invitational classes too. I'm not a huge player of racing games, but Grid is my third game from the series after I received the first one for free on PC (though I play Grid on PS4) 🙂 For suggestions I think would make the game more fun, I think it would be really nice if we could have a toggle in the settings menu for the damage that cars start with at the beginning of a race. I kinda feel that they should start in perfect condition so you can see the paint
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