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  1. HabchyRabih


    and now the so-called sale is over, and the price has gone from 1375cr to 1000Cr, so basically there was no actual sale, just an obvious scam. It reminds me of my corrupted government haha!
  2. At first, when i was reading threads, i saw so many discontent players, at first i thought it's normal for a player to always complain however after playing the game for a couple of months and after doing their survey which i honestly wonder why they did it in the first place since they didn't change anything with the new update. And now a typical old SALE scam. Increase the price and then discount it to be as the normal price. Not to mention that before this update with 1500Cr u get 8 legendary parts, now u get 3 with 1000Cr. The packs actually got more expensive. But hey don't forget to pay money and buy a car so you can participate in their new event.
  3. HabchyRabih

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Hello Team, i've been playing the game for over a month now and i'm enjoying it so far bcz it's mainly P2P oriented, without having to do missions constantly and harvest for game currency and that's a big plus. before going into the P2P experience i want to talk about the aggressiveness of the AI, so many times over they ruined my race. while leading my opponent an Ai car was off crouse and unsafely joins the track, got hit and crashed, another time an AI car was facing the wrong way in Monte carlo while leading my opponent (or i would have thought he pushed them), so there's a vice in the AI. As for P2P, i wonder why all formats wouldn't be raced the same as the Quali mode and instead of AI , it can be multiple player mode (4-16) racing for 3-5 laps. wouldn't it be fun? and one more request, for a player to get better, he has to beat himself first, and challenging your track record ghost would help so much, if you're challenging your ghost you would know how to improve on a corner by corner basis (real drivers have their engineers and data for this) we as amateurs can easily get lost, it can also help so much for a direct comparison between 2 setups, straights vs corners. i really hope some of the things mentioned can be introduced as it eliminates so much of the complaints, or at least have the ghost race as an option. Best of Luck