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  1. Thanks for your feedback. Is what you have said true for whichever platform I choose (xbox, PC, PS4)
  2. Penmore

    PC Version Required

    Does anyone know whether there is a PC version of Dirt Rally 2.0 available that doesnt require the use of Steam but just runs on the PC. I ask this question because the Delux PC version requires a Steam account and the Steam account downloads 94 gigabytes of updates and amendments. As far as I am aware the game only need around 60 mb of data storage so where Steam get the 94 GB of updates is just beyond me.
  3. Found the problem to this. Steam is trying to download 94 GB of updates for this game - how crazy is that for a game that is advertised as requiring around 60 mb disk space. Are Codemasters aware of the nonsense that Steam is bring to their game.
  4. Things not getting any better, I have uninstalled Dirt software and tried to re-install it but it failing to install because there is not enough disc space ( Steam says it needs 98942 Mb) how crazy is that.
  5. Hi, I purchased the PC Delux edition of Dirt Rally 2.0 hoping to run this on my PC but I find Im forced to install this on Steam and am now waiting 4 days for the game to install and work on Steam. Whats wrong and why can't I install the game on my PC and run it from there?