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  1. Problem solved - switch off PC - disconnect power supply to Thrustmaster TX  --  Restart PC and then Dirt Rally 2.0   -- plug in wheel and allow to start up  -- go to input screen and you will see the Thrustmaster has been selected and the keyboard de-selected.  Not sure how to save settings but will post when I do.


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  2. I've been away from my gaming machine for well over a year now.  I have now logged on to my steam accont and have done the upgrades.  The Thrustmaster TX spins at windows 7 startup and Dirt Rally 2.0 starts up ok but it is showing the keyboard as the default device.  The Thrustmaster wheel is showing in the History and is present in the Win 7 Control Panel. 

    How do I get the game to register/use the Thrustmaster TX Wheel.