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  1. Lui22

    Funny Formula Forum

  2. Lui22

    Funny Formula Forum

    Seems like this will be all about funny usernames
  3. Lui22

    Funny Formula Forum

    The other example is this American guy, obviously following another philosophy.
  4. Lui22

    Funny Formula Forum

    For example I want to show you this nice german guy here. (While I'm still wondering how he got a fairness rating of only 2,7)
  5. Lui22

    Funny Formula Forum

    I dicided to make to make this toppic. After all the hate in this community I thought we could need a place for funny things in the game. (But I don't want a comment, that the whole game is a joke!) Share Screenshots, Videos, or spread myths and legends about the game! Have fun! No... I'm not working for Codemasters.
  6. Lui22

    Good Game, Bad Phone

    https://streamable.com/vts0b Sometimes I wonder how the world looks like in the view of a high-end phone. P.s. The Monaco event will be funny.
  7. You still have around 20 hours 👌