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  1. BrabusBG880

    Difficulty with the t300 steering wheel!?

    Hello Guys, few days aago i bought Trustmaster T300RS steereng wheel and Playseat Evolution. Everything is fine with them. I strated playing the favorite game F1 2019 and already had maybe 10 - 15 hours on Australia and Bahrain and feel very frustrated by me. Normally I'm not very fast, but my lap times with the wheel are 4 sec slower than the lap times with controller (PS4). I tried and tried and tried and the things doesn't becomes better, even worse. Did I miss something or... i don't know. When I comapre my lap times i see the most tome I lose is exiting the slow corners, even 0.5sec at corner some times. I tride with and without traction control - the same situation. Is the same with you or may be i miss anything. I have not make any settings of the wheel. Thank you inadvance.