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  1. Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english. I complated RX at masters class, then i want to do it with different cars. My problem is when Group B RX cars released, i realized i cant use them at career, searched for answers on steam forums but mostly people dont even played the game, or they just dont want to understand my problem. When i giveup and sold my Group B RX cars and deleted the game because i wanted a break. Yesterday i randomly saw there are 2019 RX cars released and 2 of them are my favorite RX cars, then instantly downloaded the game again. What i saw is i cant use other rx cars again. I have currently have 2019 Peugeot and 2019 Ford, but there is no option for them to select at RX career. I payed one race. then abandoned entire championship, at profile tried reset progress and reset all options. At Dirt Rally 1 we wasnt able to use that hillclimb monster peugeot even if we buy it, so is this the same thing ? cant i use the cars i have on rx career ? (I also had a RX2 Fiesta and cant use it too then sold it, only options avaible for RX Career is RX SuperCars category)