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  1. Hi, so now we have 2020 and the problem remains... I fully adhere to what @YorkyPudsy wrote starting this topic. For me it's sad because rotary dial was mainly why I bought G29, as I own G27 as well. So this is what I wrote on logitech forum: this is interesting as described problem applies in other games as well, as Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2. Hello. I have a problem of a kind: I assign some function to rotary dial, like "ABS+/ ABS-" or "Turbo+/Turbo-". However, when I rotate once, I get double input in 90% of cases, sometimes single as it should be. I tried that in Assetto Corsa and in F1 2018 and behaviour is the same. Strange thing is that in Assetto when I'm in controller setup every one rotation is seen as one-step change on screen that is showing controller inputs. So at this stage everything is OK, only in game it's double input. (I mean when driving) In F1 2018 in controller settings it's not showing input when pressing button so cannot check that, however in a game behaviour is similar. I assigned to rotary dial gear up/down and observerd strange things. When car is standing and I use only rotary dial, I get proper up/down shifts. But once I accelerate and have pedal pressed, it will in 90% of cases double shift up or down. I saw other people on internet describing the same issue also in other games: https://www.reddit.com/r/ACCompetizione/comments/9xvgk8/logitech_g29_dual_inputs_from_rotary_dial/ One done very interesting experiment, which I also performed with the same result: assigned rotary dial (via joy2key program) to press 'a' for right, and 'b' for left. Opened notepad in background and started to play. Then checking notepad, and there are no dual 'aa' or 'bb', while in game there were double inputs. As a result it's hard to understand why is that and what is wrong: logitech or games or some combination? Nevertheless as problem has been observed in Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Project Cars 2, F1 2018 its hard to say all games have the same bug. But considering 'notepad' experiment it's also hard to say G29 has a bug. Regards, Summarizing I would say, after all I found on Internet: - occurs in different games - occurs in PC and PS platform as well - some people are reporting it occurs with more than one controller working at the same time (for example + other shifters, buttonboxes etc), but it also occurs only with G29 as as one controller - it's not only about double input. even if I accept double input (for example I want to change 20%, and single step is 2% with double input, so I still need to make 10 steps), fast rotation of the dial is not effective. So it's like I need to rotate one step-wait-rotate-wait-and so on. It's not as gamer wants.