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  1. ezioii

    Time trial lap didn't upload

    None of my fastest lap time are being saved. I have tried waiting 10 minutes as DerrickHUN mentioned and it still says "you have no entry recorded on this leaderboard". I even tried a slow lap in the attempt to figure my coles online if I was doing something wrong but the problem is not me. I am playing on PS4. If someone figure it out, please let me know how to fix it and I'll do the same. Thanks in advance
  2. ezioii

    Steam version and VR

    As a last resort for headset detection issues, you can reset your SteamVR USB device. Disconnect all link box cables from the computer. ... make sure the USB cable of the link box is not plugged in, and click "Yes". When done, exit SteamVR, plug in the link box (USB, HDMI, power) and restart SteamVR. Thanks It's worked for me