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  1. XHunter22

    Update 1.50

    Wish we got more than 1 or 2 tracks. Need heaps. I would love for more Grid1 and Grid2 tracks. Loved Washington, Italy coast and California coast so much. Roaming around monuments or scenic tracks with stunning scenery even of nature or city buildings is so cool
  2. Very surprised Grid team didnt patch this so far its been out long enough design choice by them is more like lazy or ooops we forgot and had no idea this happened and dont want to spend time to fix it. I know an update is due out soon for season 2 I can only hope this is fixed just like they promised to fix the change your car number bug
  3. XHunter22

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Im loving this game, 2 weeks in half way through career but I do have some suggestions and requests that this game could use via future updates please. 1) More cars (The obvious who doesnt want this) 2) More paint schemes and decals orrrrrr give us the ability to change the default base color of the without using the manual decals. Such as the red viper, can we use the same stickers and logos but make it blue etc? 3) More tracks, also obvious but less circuit racing Id love more togue or point a to b tracks, scenic tracks. California, Italy in Grid 2 were stunning for example 4) Can we repair cars? Not sure if you can but Im tired on seeing my cars with scratches everyyyyyy race 5) More XP, feels kinda grindy to level up to unlock content 6) More weather features for different look, Storms, Lightning, Snow etc. 7) How about a menu or section where other gamers can share their car liveries so that others can download and use?
  4. Just got the game and am half way through career mode but wondering how do you remove the damage on your car? Is it possible? Ive looked everywhere in options and menues and it bugs me before every race my car has bumps and scratches and dirts.