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  1. XHunter22

    Can you change the colour for the Ferrari fxxk?

    Time for car game designers to boycott some car brands if they demand far too much money and finicky stuff like car damage restrictions and color restrictions. I do hope that game devs post on twitter, instagram etc and make it known why they do not have said license. they can say we tried but the car designers had these demands which were unrealistic because 1) the car brand suffers in the public eye and takes a hit like they too prissy and greedy 2) maybe more game devs can do the same to name and shame them to somehow in the future have a change in practice where the car brand may come back in the future and negotiate and lower the demands so we all win in the future. staying silent like this seriously the general public never knows about this stuff its good to name and shame them
  2. XHunter22

    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    What new update is there on ps4. Just received one now I wasn’t expecting more since I beat season 3 two weeks ago
  3. XHunter22

    Can you change the colour for the Ferrari fxxk?

    That’s just terrible sellout Ferrari it’s not good enough to have the car license now they also restricting colours behind a license.***** man that’s just pure greed. Send them a message and remove them from games in the future. Any company that wants fans to keep forking out it’s not the devs fault at all. White looks ugly on that car thank you Ferrari. Please send this feedback to Ferrari next time when you negotiate licenses for next games. I’m sure us fans here have more messages to Ferrari and anyone else anting to lock things behind pay walls
  4. Just wondering is it possible to change the colour for the Ferrari fxxk evo? It’s dull white and Ferrari’s by default are known to be red and I don’t have the option to pick a livery to give it a custom decal or at least the base colour to red. would also love for that car to have the other spoiler wing. The first default they released that assetto corsa has with the wing split in 2 it’s gorgeous. Would also love for the road to have better puddles when it rains and not look so dry
  5. XHunter22

    Around the Globe trophy

    Omg I just did a 30 lap race at the Indy oval with the fastest car. Beaten all 170 career events. Checked my stats and Ive only done just barely over 5000Km lol. Hard pass this game is packed away now to collect dust. Also found it annoying as free play gives bad amounts of credit and xp compared to career mode and I hate being locked behind forced cars to use and honestly some car classes I just hate and feel its a waste of car slots and shouldnt be in this game. I liked grid1 as most of career I could grind out cars that I liked and the classes were solid. In this game so many career events forced to use cars I dreaded it was dull and boring to me
  6. I tried googling this but cant really find a list anywhere, so wondering if the fellow grid community would like to contribute. What are you general ideas for the top tier car/s for each category in grid? Something to help future gamers or those just curious if they attempt career mode with the various car classes available what is the car or cars to jump into to help you advance better on the higher difficulties.
  7. XHunter22

    Around the Globe trophy

    Doesnt matter if you have a tracker or not Ive given up on it. As someone said you need hundreds of races around indie at 99laps even with the fastest car its still boring and dull. As if I want to spend 4-5 days endlessly driving like a zombie to fetch this trophy. Hard pass Im skipping it. Just going to enjoy the AI races in career do some laps and to be honest in a week Im done with this game moving on to something else Im just really over it already. Didnt wow me like OG Grid on ps3 days. Not feeling the tracks much, livery work is ok but would love more colors for the proper liveraries and not custom options only. To do 40, 000km in my real life car will take me ages even and I love driving but sheesh not to flaw it to fetch the figure so I dont understand why add it to a game as if we will play it for a year straight
  8. These updates are being rolled out way way too late in the games lifecylce and with a graphic update if it were to ever come out Im very very skeptical. I get it it takes time to work on stuff like that, as someone said surely before the game released. But in any case even now its too late the game has released you wouldve thought a graphical upgrade fix wouldbe been worked on since then and still no update on it. Im very skeptical and I feel like this game all we will get are minor updates like damaged vehicles before races being as new, ability to change car number, new tracks and handful of new cars to complete the season and then onto ps5 grid 202X. At this stage any good worth wild fixes for this game Ill see it when I believe it
  9. Its the only trophy that I have left to get after finally beating career mode and season1 events. Its terrible design that you cant even see how many miles you have travelled so far because Im certain absolutely certain I have dxone like 5% of the target only. I swear the saddest of developer had to add that in as a trophy its not an easy feat. It will take insane amount of hours to attempt it and even then other games exist to play than this game. Even worst just doing the fastest track indy loop track with the f1 car or a prototype car will be so so so boring and not fun Im sure itll require about 10000 laps even then and about 100hrs. Hard no thanks codemasters thats just poor design here for a trophy requirement. Nothing worst than grind happy trophies tucked away
  10. Very surprised Grid team didnt patch this so far its been out long enough design choice by them is more like lazy or ooops we forgot and had no idea this happened and dont want to spend time to fix it. I know an update is due out soon for season 2 I can only hope this is fixed just like they promised to fix the change your car number bug
  11. XHunter22

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Im loving this game, 2 weeks in half way through career but I do have some suggestions and requests that this game could use via future updates please. 1) More cars (The obvious who doesnt want this) 2) More paint schemes and decals orrrrrr give us the ability to change the default base color of the without using the manual decals. Such as the red viper, can we use the same stickers and logos but make it blue etc? 3) More tracks, also obvious but less circuit racing Id love more togue or point a to b tracks, scenic tracks. California, Italy in Grid 2 were stunning for example 4) Can we repair cars? Not sure if you can but Im tired on seeing my cars with scratches everyyyyyy race 5) More XP, feels kinda grindy to level up to unlock content 6) More weather features for different look, Storms, Lightning, Snow etc. 7) How about a menu or section where other gamers can share their car liveries so that others can download and use?
  12. Just got the game and am half way through career mode but wondering how do you remove the damage on your car? Is it possible? Ive looked everywhere in options and menues and it bugs me before every race my car has bumps and scratches and dirts.