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  1. Thanks for that! Monte Carlo is on as we speak. I'd imagine ITV4 will have a highlights package next week sometime.
  2. It means I liked the games when they came out, but, I moved on and am not interested in revisiting them.
  3. Nice! Anyone know who has the terrestrial TV rights this year?
  4. Cool, I prefer to leave them in the past now though. I enjoyed them when they were new, but, I try as much as I can not to get stuck in ruts.
  5. Ohh, gotcha, I've never really done much with emulators. I seem to remember one called Bleem which let you play PS1 games on a PC, and while intrigued by playing Gran Turismo on a PC, I decided to stick with consoles.
  6. Each to their own I guess. I just pray that Codies are given free rein to deliver on what Dirt Rally 2.0 did.
  7. How have you got Burnout 3 on PC? It was only on consoles. Whatever, I'm never reinstalling Paradise.
  8. Not to me it wasn't, I was using a DS4 and doing exactly what you were supposed to, but, I just didn't get on with it at all. Burnout 2 and 3 were just so intuitive and I had a ball playing them. Paradise by comparison felt like a train wreck. By this point I don't think Criterion were involved at all and it really showed.
  9. Hmm, considering that NFS is an EA title, that doesn't bode well for the future. I remember getting Burnout Paradise, thinking I'd be getting something like Burnout 3 but for the PC, boy was I wrong! Even with a DS4 the controls just didn't respond at all, I found boosting and takedowns to be nigh on impossible when I could ace them in 3 on my PS2. If, by some miracle, EA butt out and let Codies do what they want with Dirt Rally 3.0 and we get the chance to completely reset our progress (the one thing keeping me away from 2.0 right now) then I will probably be inclined to give the new game a w
  10. Tee hee, How many of us still come to this thread expecting news on Dirt Rally 3.0 when we see a new reply has been posted!?
  11. Arcade stuff doesn't appeal. Has EA really done any proper sim titles!? Forza Motorsport is still the only upcoming driving game that interests me.
  12. Yeah, we will see. GT7 may give them something to think about on that score.
  13. Great video! Of all the titles mentioned there, I think Forza Motorsport has my interest. Previous entries in the franchise have been monsters so a PC release for such a title can only be a good thing. I may wait till I've moved and built my ATX machine though as I get the feeling you'll need a fair bit of horsepower to get the best out of it.
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