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  1. Right, stop that, this is silly!
  2. We demand, a shrubbery!
  3. There is a sequel to Avatar in the works, not sure what stage it's at, but, the game could be a tie in. Back to WRC and if it goes the same way as Extreme E it doesn't bode well as that series is like watching grown men playing with Tamiyas.
  4. He means 'getting stick', people hating and being overly critical.
  5. I didn't mind the red. I do use a dark mode extension, but, I couldn't find one that worked well on this site.
  6. Replies aren't dark though!
  7. I see ITV4 have coverage. They're rubbish with trailers then, I had no idea it had been on. You get trailers for all the rubbish on ITVBe, but none at all for WRC.
  8. Prefer to see it on TV then I can record it on series link.
  9. That's an expensive looking leaf blower!
  10. I do like the XBox One controller, but, I've used Dualshocks a lot more. When a game that was a PS4 exclusive doesn't have support for the controller it was designed for there's something seriously wrong.
  11. Steam may not be everyone's cup of tea, but, their controller support is second to none. I bought Detroit Become Human on Epic and the only controller that would work was a wired XBox One pad. Weeks later it came out on Steam with the full controller support the game always should have had. Imagine buying a DiRT Rally game, only to find that it wouldn't work with your favourite wheel that you'd just spent a fortune on, THAT is the big difference between Steam and Epic. Steam cares about the gamers and Epic cares about the money!
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