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  1. Finished Wales with just one small mistake on I think it was stage 3 . If @Janneman60 wouldn't have had a puncture I couldn't control my nerves like I did now. Love the car and location.
  2. A miracle happened in Greece. I didn't have crashes or punctures. Had one reset and one spin.
  3. I had problems with the first 2 stages in Sweden because I couldn't see much on my Rift s and lost some time. Next stage was ok but stage after that I had gamefreeze. Only thing I could do was close Dirtgame. And same thing happened in Finland stage 6. Don't know why. Never happened before. Maybe has something to do with second monitor I connected 2 weeks ago. But this season I retired a lot because of control problems with the Skoda so I'm not losing podium position,😄
  4. I also have big troubles with the Fabia. Poland was the first rally I didn't crash real hard. Used default set-up except for the brakeforce, 1 click down. Perhaps I was lucky this time. Next rally gonna use this set-up again.
  5. Crashed on stage 4 at first fast section.
  6. New Zealand was ok for me,made one bigger mistake that did cost me some seconds. But now I have big troubles to stay on track in Monaro.
  7. I did not check all seasons but I choose"Northbound" And would be happy to vote for unlock camera if that helps to get more people in.
  8. Congratulations Janneman60, thanks everybody. It was real fun.
  9. I had troubles with the night stages in Poland but made no big mistakes. And I just finished Argentina . Did one hairpin with too much speed and had some troubles get on track again. But overall I'm very happy with last two events.
  10. Monaro ,first two stages I used softs. Then I didn't know if medium would last so I used hard tires and tried to stay focused. Greece was going great except for two resets for sliding off.😯
  11. I had a puncture and a few spins . I'm always struggling at Monaco.
  12. Hi all,usually i take to much risks😅 but this season I try to drive clean and finish more.