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    Something is coming closer...

    he is like ... hmmm is he or is it me on the HOTSEAT??!! thank you so much for this feature, finally!
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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Hello, i am new here. Wanted to share my thoughts about this news. I am back playing Rally Games after longer Time and i love it. Great Game, great graphics. I searched for my own Game needs and wishes in the forum for this topics. - Hotseat Mode / Offline Championship This is a need in my eyes. Specialy in Rally Games where people do Couch Racing Events and having a blast. In my eyes this is the importanst thing you could implement by now. We know it is possible, so i dont know why you Guys not doing it. It cant be that hard. Dont forget about the Offline Players. There are still tons of Players who dont race Online and would love to do Multiplayer Championships. - Free Camera in Replay Mode A Free Camera Mode wasnt necessary back then when we had only Pixels. But i think Codemasters would do a own favor in implementing a Free Camera Mode in their Replay. There would be tons of Players who would snap their perfect moment of a Stage. It would be easy to share in the forums. This would populate all over the www and a free Commercial Campaign for Codemasters Rally Game "The Clean side of Dirt" You could show the absolute beauty of the Game with those Screenshots and you could use them for Offline Championship Trackings and Storys. - Replay Save as mp4 This almost goes to the same Story as the Free Camera Mode in Replays. I couldnt breathe when this would be a needed feature. Imagine how many things you cold do. Doing a Offline Rally and editing like its a Rally broadcast after and put it to youtube. This would infect other players for sure. - Paintshop or a easy to implement liverys editor In my eyes, this is a absolute need. I offered some Painters 200 Dollars for painting our individual liveries for our Offline Championship. (still searching or in progress, people who would love to do that, pm me) We love it authentic, thats why we wish that and want that. It gives you a much more deeper immersion into the Game, makes the Replay much more attractive because you see what you want in every aspect of the Game. Also the Name on the Window should be a must. We are not Unknown drivers. I dont talk about the game-engine and physics because everyone has a different opinion about this. This is a feeling which every player is on a different stage. Some like it arcade, some want a hc-sim other would love a casual racer. Here is the only one thing: Why not implement a slider like in DIRT4? I dont get you Guys. You should always take out the best things, forwarding it to the next Game and voila you would always top your topgame that everyone would love. But this is generally a problem of the Producers of a Videogame, they implement some cool features, take it out years after and bring it back as a new feature years later. I dont get it what the industry doing these days. It would be so so easy. Highest Goal should be Happy Customers. So how to get Happy Customers. "Codemasters/Steam Login - Discussions - read read read, analyse it, do polls, feel the pulse, do economics and then come out with the things YOUR player base (that pays your jobs) want. I really dont get it why that should be so hard. Example: Hotseat, they ask you Guys forever for a Hotseat, you see it, the need is clearly there, so why not implement it instead of bringing features that no one wants and no one asked for. I hope you deliver a awesome package with your teased news. Otherwise it would be another just do commercial because you know your content sucks so you have to hype it up. Dont get me wrong. I do not wanna complain around here, this is just my Opinion (that belongs to the most of the Companys) I would love to see one of those features implemented.