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  1. 1984 Scotland somehow worked originally, 1988 Scotland is the one I kept trying and is the one that worked all of a sudden. Since that one worked, I have not had a crash since. I think that narrows it down quite a bit to what the problem could be. Could be a network issue, or a RaceNet server issue/error which isn't handle on Xbox One? I'm not sure why it would work so randomly, and not even consistent across users. If it helps I'm on East Coast USA. Or it could be something about the state of the Xbox when you hit Continue, but this seems very unlikely.
  2. @PJTierney Update on the crashing issue - I was just able to complete a scenario which I had previously not been able to complete because of the crashing issue. I had completed it successfully probably 3 times, after which it crashed and I did not get credit. Just now, I was able to do it with no crash. Was there some sort of server update? I did not change anything about my install or Xbox.
  3. Update: Crashes when selecting quit to main menu too. Crashed after first race of career using no expansion content. Crashed in historic and didn't save the result. There is nothing about this game that is playable right now.
  4. I believe the achievements are all kind of messed up. I've played countless hours and havent got the achievement to complete an event at every location. I'm on Xbox One S
  5. This sounds like it may be related, but for me, it never happened for dailies, weeklies, or monthlies before this expansion. After the expansion, it crashes consistently when completing stages that involve expansion content. I wonder if there is some sort of (seemingly unnecessary) check on what access you have to add ons...at the end of the race?
  6. I am on Xbox One S. In career mode, and now in Flat Out scenarios, the game will freeze and then crash to xbox dashboard after a race. This wipes progress in career mode, rendering it unplayable. I don't really understand how a game that is unplayable can get game of the year. Please fix this major issue. Edit: Daily, monthly, and weekly events have never crashed on me Edit: Turns out now it crashes for (some) dailies too. Crashed after today's (03/24/2020) special event in the Subara Impreza S4 Rally. It still registered as completed rather than DNF. Edit: Has crashed f
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