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  1. You guys (Codemasters) continue to generate amazing F1 games. Last year, I wrote a suggestion piece for F1 2021 which can be found here. I'm truly happy to see that other players commented as well. But most importantly, a lot of the ideas which was mentioned was implemented in F1 2021. The story mode was fun to play, the my team mode is competitive (I'm still trying to win the constructors and drivers championship), and I have not even tried the career mode just yet. The multiplayer is also great, the way you guys implemented automatic ghosting on certain servers. It takes a lo
  2. F1 2020 has been the best F1 game so far. F2 2019, F2 2020, classic cars and the new MyTeam career mode. Cool the many customization options but there are things where I'd like some improvement.

    1) First thing first the phisics: with F1 2020 I feel a more weighted car, I feel we can have more trust than before. But honestly there's a lack of grip, tyre grip and mechanical grip. Listening to the real onboard camera we all can hear that the throttle is put down quicker than we have to do in the game, putting throttle down aggressively on the kerbs. I feel so, but someone can disagree obviously.

    2) some improvements should be done on tracks side. I mean, there are track that are the same since long time. Especially kerbs have to be rebuilt. Monza kerbs are higher and larger at the first two chicance, first Ascari's kerb is higher. Spa's kerbs are too large, looks I'm driving in a rounder. Mexico and Singapore kerbs are more like the Vietnam's one. I know it seems like a cry, but if the game is called "F1" I believe the tracks have to look the most similar possible to the real ones. 

    3) Then I think R&D should be larger

    4) could be cool if we should build our personal engine and sell it to other teams, getting requests to become their engine supplier 

    5) classic cars that are really classic cars. 2010s cars are cool to drive but are they really historic? 2003s Williams? Well I don't think so. Hope in 2021 we will see again Michael Schumacher Jordan, Benetton and 2000s Ferrari, but we need really historic cars: Lotus 98t, 1987s Williams, 1984 Mclaren Mp4/2, Brabham Bt46, bt49 and bt 52. I hope we will see again Ferrari 312t2, 312t4, Mclaren m23

    6) since we have alternative Sakhir layout, why don't put the outer track? And would be cool if we will have at least a dlc with Imola, Portimao, Mugello and Istanbul 

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