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  1. Hello, i wanted to ask if anybody has the same problem where your phone all of the sudden gets super hot while playing the game? It usually happens if you start winning a lot and then the servers step up their BoT 🤖 game and they start hitting you from all sides in Duel until they run you and crash you into the wall. Otherwise my phone stays cool.
  2. Russia for me! And CM like to throw you the circuit you hate the most quite frequently - they like to see you lose. My favorite is Monaco. Perform brilliantly almost every time.


    Hello to All except CM staff, If you care, share the number of Duels you have completed. I am attaching some screenshots. I really liked the game but now it is ALMOST impossible to play. I have promised myself from the beginning to NOT spend a penny and i have kept my promise as i honestly think CM's are doing nothing more than to harass us with new updates. I think it's especially bad if you aren't spending any money on the platform and you get "flagged". You simply can't duel anymore. The game has lost its purpose - which is racing.


    I am questioning it simply because up until now o believed that all these glitches would be fixed. I realize now they aren’t glitches but carefully programmed AI bots to make racing for people who can compete but don’t spend any money IMPOSSIBLE They don’t have the right to do that. I am not expecting them to offer me anything we are just asking for them to stop the harassment. We are not idiots to spend real money on 1s and 0s. I am pretty sure 90% of people who play this game aren’t that good and will spend money to win.

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    It might have been a bot as well. It only makes me wonder if we play with any real players at all.