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  1. Yep reinstall worked thanks for helping me. Big THANKS
  2. I will try it, prob. my last chance.
  3. its okay that the game shows me to overwrite data almost every time i do something? and yep it didnt save anything.
  4. My Jeff isn’t working. I’m on Xbox with my speech volume setting on full, and Jeff has just decided to stop working. I’ve checked through my Xbox Audio settings and nothing there seems to be causing the problem. Can someone help me please 

  5. it worked but now it saying this. And i did ,,corrupted recover settup"
  6. ok i manage to repair it, soo i can play now. Thanks
  7. Soo i've tried everything, i can write to the folders so that's ok but when i do the corrupted files setup it's just saying that the game can't save. That's my problem 😕
  8. @hoo i've tried this but it didn't work and i have same problem. Can somebody help me ? i just bought it and i can't play.