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  1. Xbox One X, v1.13 In most stages, the sound has a bit of distortion, some hissing and crackling going on. Nothing major, but definitely annoying.
  2. I would've preferred to wait an extra month for the CMR stuff and have a working RaceNet with it. The problem is bad, and I mean, cmon, this isn't the first time, these issues are creeping up over a YEAR! It's plenty of time to rewrite it from scratch twice over. If it's been done and it's not helping, "go medieval on your architect's ass" (c) for they aren't very good at that architecting business. All this fuss and emotions just because I was doing rather well in one of the clubs (and I'm not the fastest cookie in the jar), only to end up with DNF in one of the stages that didn't even load.
  3. The same with R5, there are super nasty frame drops occurring on the last 10-15% of the stage. I haven't driven the game end-to-end, but this is the only stage so far with this issue. Finland has a blinky background in one stage, don't recall which one, + a similar issue in Argentina, but if they're nowhere as irritating as the NZ issue.