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  1. Add Pikes Peak from DR1 to DR2 as an exlcusive DLC only for owners of both titles (DR1 & DR2)
  2. You need to be able to retire to the next checkpoint at any time. You need tires that don't burst by being looked at. So there should be a damage modifier from 0%-100%. Also you can't start a night stage without lights. This isn't realistic. The should have had pikes peak added to DR2. It's inexcusable. I won't be buying DR3 based on my experiences with DR1 (Unplayable) and DR2 until they actually finish the game and it comes way down in price. They just don't deliver any content frequently enough for the price and the game play is just annoying. The cars never feel anything like real driving.
  3. I just want more rally courses. Just put the missing track content from Dirt Rally into the Dirt Rally 2.0. I don't give a rats about Colin McRae scenarios. If I want to crash helicopters I just play GTAV.
  4. How much fun is this game right?! I can't decide which I like better, having two flat tires with no lights on a night stage, or 3 flat tires in the day when I didn't even hit anything. Seriously 3 flat tires just happened while driving really well without hitting anything at all. I'm about done with this game when it does things like this all the time. Vote now for Game of the year!
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