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  1. Numerous times I get 3 flat tires in one minor incident. I have many screen shots of this happening. There should be an option to have no flat tires or infinite spares. Also you should be able to repair headlights mid stage on the road not at a service stop. Could you find the time in between adding many updates of truly uninteresting rally cross events to put this simple option in?

    2 flat tires and no lights.jpg

    3 flat tires.jpg

  2. How much fun is this game right?!

    I can't decide which I like better, having two flat tires with no lights on a night stage, or 3 flat tires in the day when I didn't even hit anything. Seriously 3 flat tires just happened while driving really well without hitting anything at all. I'm about done with this game when it does things like this all the time.

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    3 flat tires.jpg

    2 flat tires and no lights.jpg

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  3. For those that don't carry any, they can choose that. For those that carry 1 or 2, they can choose that. Some of us get two flat tires in the one incident, and then another two flat tires on the next stage and so. It would be good to be able to carry more tires to continue the fun rather than having to try to limp a whole stage which is the pits.

    Of course it could be that the 3rd and 4th tires may add a double time penalty and so on. Similarly it would be nice to be able to repair headlights like you could in one of your other games while on stage. Again as it spoils the fun driving with no tires and no headlight on a night stage.

    For those of us that aren't as picture perfect at driving as other people I think this would be very much appreciated.


  4. The Festive event with the 5 different rally locations of 1 stage was a lot of fun.

    It would be nice to have something in between this and the full career rally so you don't get bogged down in one car for an endless series of events and stages.

    For example 3 locations of 3 stages.

    You could call it "Career 3x3"


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